Political Markaz - Yemeni's gain upper hand in war

Yemeni's gain upper hand in war

Yemeni's gain upper hand in war

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The top of the list in international affairs is the Yemen war. This war has prolonged and the attacking ones want to make this reach to some decisive point either in the battle field or through negotiations or one by one exiting from the war. The way Qatar has quietly walked out of this battle and other nations like UAE is also intending to quietly separate from this war. Eventually all the nations will get out and Ale Saud will be pursed to exit. The main reason is that they do not see any possibility of winning this battle. This is because Yemeni war has defeated them on every front. Specifically the Hudaydah battle has proven that the war with Yemen is not easy and they are losing more and the battle is going more in the favor of Yemeni warriors. 

One example of that is they have done a drone attack on Abu Dhabi airport, which has panicked them. First they were launching missiles but now they have gone forward into technology by using unmanned drones, and this technology has come in the hands of Yemeni forces and they are using it. This has changed the balance of war. The think tank of Saudi is serious now that this war is not in their favor. The other thing they have done is that Yemeni’s have attacked a Saudi Ship in Babul Mandab which is a canal on the oil route. It’s one end meets the Indian Ocean and Sea of Oman junction; and along with that this strait connects the Red Sea with Indian Ocean Sea. This is amongst the few key sea routes. On one hand is Babul Mandab and Suez Canal is an important source of income for Egypt. The energy of Middle East, oil and gas is transported from Red Sea and specifically the Suez Canal. Since Babul Mandab is with Yemen’; they have warned the ships passing through this route that they can come under attack. They did the first attack to prove their words on Saudi Ship and Saudi has stopped its ship from this route after being afraid. This is effecting the oil prices and if the Yemeni war spreads into the sea then not just Ale Saud and Arab nations but all countries buying and selling oil will get affected. In the Yemen war, the Yemenis are in much better position. They have got approach to the new means of technology. It is very astonishing that they are besieged from all directions but still the weapons are reaching Yemen, that too missiles and drone.

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