Political Markaz - Yemen War and Mohammed Bin Salman- Yazid of this era

Yemen War and Mohammed Bin Salman- Yazid of this era

Yemen War and Mohammed Bin Salman- Yazid of this era

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In Yemen war there is high severity at present. For some time the world attention was away from this and busy in other issues; but since last few weeks the Yemen war has come on top in global headlines and the reason for this is the satanic conspiracy which America has made for Middle East and Trump is making that practical along with the insane Arabs. Trump on one hand wants to give security to Israel and for that he has to use Ale Saud and Arab rulers who are hell bent on their peak of disgracefulness.

Ale Saud started this battle with Yemen and in last week on 19th or 20th, 1000 days of Yemen was over which is three years. Whatever they planned for Yemen all the conspiracies of America, Israel, Arab states, alliances everything failed hundred percent. The Independent newspaper has given the analysis that Mohammed bin Salman is the most unsuccessful ruler in 2017 across the world because whatever gamble he played, he planned on the instructions of others all failed everthing inside country and outside; and amongst this was the Yemen attack.

A 1000 day resistance, courage which Yemeni’s have demonstrated and as a memory for the 1000 days they did an attack on Riyadh the capital of Saudi. They targeted the missile attack on Qasr Al-Yamamah which is the world’s most lavish palace of Saudi king. They fired a Scud Missile on this palace from Yemen. Saudi said that we could destroy it in air using their American Patriot defense missile system which can blast the attacking the missile before it hits the target. Even if they have really blasted and they say they foiled the attack but in reality it was a successful attack because even if they foiled it; it was just very near and above the targeted palace.  Before this they launched one missile on Riyadh airport. That became a big issue that Iran has given this missile to Yemen and it was done by Iran. Based on that Iran, Israel, Saudi are lobbying on this basis to attack Iran. Even before that missile case was decided as to who gave that they fired another one. Since Yemen is already under siege by Saudi, they had missiles already from before from Russia. The second point is that Iran has not given missile to Yemen, they have given missile technology. They have given this technology to Hezbollah, Yemen and Palestine. This means they can themselves create missiles there with simple means. From the time they have started to develop these missiles; Saudi, Emirates are all in this range. Now there is a panic in Saudi, Israel that if these missiles are there with Yemen then that will be destruction for them. Hence they have started a secret plan also to negotiate and stop the Yemen war. The UN and others want to stop this and this battle has become sensitive for this reason that a big battle might ignite due this battle that is with Iran. Iran is trying their best to avoid a big regional conflict. I have said this before also that they are avoiding this battle but are also preparing for that. One war of 8 yrs was imposed on Iran and it came on its feet after sometime but Iran suffered for first few years. But now they will not repeat that and are prepared for any battle. On the other hand Saudi, Ale Saud are depending on Israel and America. Based on this they are excited to get into a battle with Iran. This would be a dreadful war and it will destroy everything. May Allah protect the Islamic world from this battle as it would destroy every thing. This is because Ale Saud do not even imagine due to this foolishness as to what level of destruction the war will have.

Let me point out one topic over here related to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman about his past, personality and plans; and then analyze history you will find one historical personality exactly as resemblance to him. The character which can be openly seen in this person is that of Yazid ibn Muwaiya. The thoughts, personality, feelings, steps and ways are all resembling Yazid ibn Muwaiya. Yazid was young, he is also young. Yazid was inexperienced, stubborn, fool, lavish, lustful the same way Mohammed bin Salman is also. In the same days when he has caught five hundred Arab princes from Royal family and took a big compensations from them and is running schemes for cost cutting in the country; at the same time he has done two contradictory things. One is that he purchased the masterpiece painting of Leonardo Da Vinci for 450 M$ which no one could purchase because of this price. Mohammed bin Salman purchased this and placed in London Museum in the same days when there are war expenses and country is getting ruined. In the last week, he did a deal whereby he purchased the most expensive palace in France. This palace was made by Belgium King and then it was purchased by some capitalists and now no one could buy it but he has purchased it. When the country is being ruined he is indulged into lavishness. Yazid was liberal and he is also liberal. In Saudi Arabia certain things like dancing was strictly prohibited. In a country where normal things were also prohibited but now he has given permission for opening cinema halls; to women for driving cars, motor cycles, running in races, to visit stadiums and play football. Many things which were not permitted even for men he has given permission to women now. He has made dancing, singing all permissible in a liberal way like Yazid. It was a very strict Saudi where even breathing was also considered a Biddah but now He has invited famous global and Egyptian singers to run concerts in Riyadh and other cities. He is now arousing Saudi women as well to come out in this field and this has started since after a century in Saudi the restrictions are lifted and people want to enjoy this and they are out in the field. Similarly making mockery of everything and the same style which Yazid had he has the same style.

The thing that differentiated Yazid from other Bani Umayyah rulers was the historical crime which he did which was to challenge the grandson of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s); that is brutal martyrdom of Imam Hussain (a.s) and his companions. The moment he got the doze of power he challenged the grandson of Prophet (s.a.w.s) and denied religion openly. Then he insulted, sacrilege the progeny of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s). This person, Mohammed bin Salman is doing the same whereby he is also challenging the progeny of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s). At present the standard of this progeny is with Iran in the hands of Wali e Faqeeh he has also turned in that direction. He has also challenged Hussain ibn Ali of his era and wants to get into an encounter. This person’s vision, thinking, personality, intentions, confrontations are exactly same as Yazid. That inexperience, foolishness, Firauniyat have all gathered and he wants the world to see one more Karbala. That Karbala took place in one atmosphere, when Sayyadus Shohada (a.s) was alone with his family; and Kufa, Basra were all with government. But now that is not the situation. As Supreme Leader also said that we are not in the state of Shaeb-e-Abi Talib; we are in the state of Khyber. In Shaeb e Abu Talib the polytheists besieged the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) with his family and applied all sanctions, boycotted them. The Prophet and his companions could not do anything there but a time came when the victory was achieved over Mecca and these polytheists submitted. The Leader said we are in the state of victory of Mecca (Fath-e-Mecca) and Khyber; at present anyone who comes with wrong calculations, imaginations will be committing a grave mistake. At present the same situation is there but this person is negligent who is having the vision of creating Karbala but he is negligent that the army of Hussain is not that of 72 only and the result will also not be the same as what happened in that Karbala.  He is a fool and his eyes and intellect is blindfolded. It is not even a month that how their force of ISIS made by 90 countries got totally perished by the same Hosseini’s. He does not realize what this power can do. He is riding on the shoulders and banking on the support of Israel and America to start this big Fitnah in the Islamic world. This is the satanic conspiracy and Allah will destroy them in their own stratagem. May Allah destroy them in their own evil before they engulf the Muslim world into another difficulty.


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