Political Markaz - Yemen disgraces enemies in Hudaydah

Yemen disgraces enemies in Hudaydah

Yemen disgraces enemies in Hudaydah

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If you see other issues, the Saudi commander has issued command that war should stop in Afghanistan. This tyrant who has killed millions in Yemen and children and he is telling war should stop in Afghanistan. The tyrant soaked in blood of Yemenis wants to establish peace in Afghanistan. In the last few days on the port of Hudaydah the blood festival they have made, along with Zionists, America and Israel. The Hudaydah port was strategic port for the Yemenis to get supplies of essential goods. Yemen is on the edge of Indian Ocean and Red Sea. There are two narrow straits; from one side it goes through Suez Canal and meets Egypt. Yemen have very long L shaped coastal area. The 39 countries naval forces have besieged Yemeni ports. The Yemeni’s were getting all the limited supplies through this Hudaydah port. They were planning since one year to control this port and now they did aerial attack on Hudaydah and announced also. They got disgraced in Hudaydah and beaten badly there by Yemenis. The most powerful forces who allied for this attack and against them is the barefoot force of Yemeni with only daggers. They stood against them. They bombed for several days, but could not capture even a small plot. They lied on media and instead a big force of theirs got killed inside Yemen and rest ran away. They were disgraced and the promise of Allah again came true, where the Ababeel defeated the Abraha again. The Quran says that have you not seen what the Ababeel did with the army of elephants, and these weak birds crushed the elements. Today the people have seen, the starving people of Yemen, who had no means, weapons with them, but they disgraced all these forces. And when they are insulted they have a tactic. They start to apply pressure. Like when they try to besiege Iran it means they are insulted.

They removed some pieces of missiles from Yemen and presented in Abu Dhabi that Iranians have defeated us in Yemen and not Yemeni. This means Iranians are unbeatable as not a single Iranian was  present physically in Yemen and still they defeated them. In Syria, Iraq, Iranians are present and with their presence along with Hezbollah they are fighting with them but with Iran not present in Yemen, still they are about to control and counter such a heavy invasion by the most powerful alliance, this means Iran as some super power or high technology to fight and win a battle even without being physically present. This means they are unbeatable so these people should wrap their baggage’s that a power physically not present in a country but still defeats you there means they are very strong. All this they are saying to cover their disgrace. In Syria when they got beaten, they launched 70 missiles to relieve their frustration of disgrace. Whenever they are disgraced, they relieve that on Iran. This is a historical moment It is possible in future whatever can happen with Yemen but since last four years they are in a strong position, not inching back and giving a strong reply. First the Arab nations were in front and when they saw that they were useless could not do anything now the America Europe have themselves stepped in.

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