Political Markaz - Yemen continues to disgrace Saudi

Yemen continues to disgrace Saudi

Yemen continues to disgrace Saudi

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The hot topic is Middle East and in certain countries in the region there is a state of War. The issue of Yemen needs more importance. Since one month aggressive forces are attacking a poor country like Yemen and its poor people. Since few years they are killing the poor Yemenis. They were expecting that they will occupy Yemeni they will succumb the people and they will be successful in establishing their system there. This did not happen and the battle of Yemen prolonged as a result of this the triangle of Jews, West and Saudi have been disgraced. They had to face defeat several times and they did not even acquire a small success in Yemen. In last month to wipe off their disgrace, they attacked the Hudaydah port to cut off the jugular vein of Yemeni people. They applied all their powers of Western powers like Britain, France, America and with heavy weapons, and forces of 43 countries from Islamic world, they took the help from some of them also in that operation like Egypt. They applied all their forces to cut off the supply of Yemen and disconnect them from the world. But the Yemeni people united together and confronted them and did not allow these aggressors to step inside that area and they were disgraced.

The outcome of this battle was the Yemeni resistance has enhance their attacks on Saudi and the missile attacks have increased and now they are attacking the economic artery of Saudi. Last week they attacked the ARAMCO oil company which is a big artery line for Saudi and international market as they produce oil and ship to everyone. The Yemeni’s attacked their oil refinery and this was an alarm for the aggressive forces that if they move forward further then they are also in their range. Another operation which the Yemeni did last week, was that they developed a Drone with a new technology and through that drone they attacked on Saudi locations and ARAMCO attack was done through Drone only.

One more example of Saudi’s disgrace is that at times there is a big panic in Saudi that their forces are rebelling and running away. They were involved in the battle with the commitments that in reality other forces will fight and they have to be just present there as a face. But it did not happen this way, and when the Yemeni forces attacked on the border, these Saudi forces started to run away and now to stop the running away of Saudi forces, the government has made various policies. They are enticing them as well as warned them about the punishments they will have to meet if they run away. There are many such similar events that are happening in Saudi Arabia.

In last week what American media has discovered is that Saudi Arabia has formally done an agreement with Israel and now formally Saudi Arab will be providing protection to Saudi internally and on the borders from Yemen. In the same context in the last week in one act which Saudi government did, and was expected since long that various voices will be raised in Saudi Arabia. One famous scholar in Saudi, who has been opposing the Saudi government before as well and was arrested several times. This scholar has written a book and in that book he has written against Saudi government, royal family and their liberal thoughts. As a result they have arrested him and started to torture him. Apart from this also there are various members of Saudi Royal family who are making groups inside and outside, getting organized to rebel against the Saudi government.

There is a lot of anxiety in America and Europe that if these voices raise and this family ends then what will be the situation. It is possible that the extremists might end this family and take over full control or the liberal elements might take over. At present these nations are also concerned that the foundations of Saudi state is weak and they are not trusting their own forces and police. They have handed all their security to American security companies and other rented forces. At present they are giving this impression that those princes of the Royal family who were arrested need sympathy and they are trying to please them. The external forces are trying to cool them down to not show the passion for revenge and become part of Saudi government and they will seek apology for that

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