Political Markaz - Yemen comes out victorious from Saudi local sedition

Yemen comes out victorious from Saudi local sedition

Yemen comes out victorious from Saudi local sedition

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One more incident that has become very complex. First the matter of Syria was very complex and even ISIS was uprooted and more or less Syria is settling down but the issue of Yemen is getting more complicated and gradually taking the place of Syria. Yemen has got more importance now as compared to Syria. In Yemen these useless, filthy, puppets Saudi rulers who attacked Yemen and destroyed this nation completely which was as such a poor nation. They have attacked and besieged the country from all over and not even allowing any aid for medication also to reach there. Amongst this one dirty step which the Alliance of Saudi and Emirates did was related to the two groups present in Yemen. In Yemen one group was of Zaidi Shias known as Houthi’s and other group was you can say of nationalists and they had both allied together and were confronting Saudi. The leader of the nationalist group was Ali Abdullah Saleh who was allied with Houthis. The Saudi’s removed him and made Abdu Rabbe as the leader who was the puppet of Saudi. When Abdu Rabbe was ousted by Houthi’s, it was on his request that Saudi attacked Yemen. They did this conspiracy to break the united alliance of nationalists and Houthi’s which would weaken the Yemeni resistance against the Saudi.

The Saudi’s under this conspiracy brought Ali Abdullah Saleh due to which a conflict started between nationalists and Houthi’s in which the nationalist militia attacked Houthis. The Saudi, America and United Arab Emirates supported the nationalist. This riot went on for three days and on the third day the Houthis annihilated this Fitnah. They killed Ali Abdullah Saleh and a big section of the nationalists again came back and united with Houthis. This dangerous Fitnah which they started in Yemen the result went against them only that is Saudi and UAE. One more progress which has taken place in Yemen was that two weeks before they launched a missile on the Saudi Capital Riyadh which turned all calculations of Yemen war upside down. Then in last week they launched a cruise missile on Abu Dhabi from Yemen. With this they have realized that after three years of total destruction of Yemen, ruining them still the Yemen warriors have this much strength that they are targeting their cities from Yemen. They are attacking the Yemenis through warplanes but the Yemenis are replying them from Yemen with their own hand made missiles. This Fitnah of clash between Houthis and nationalist could have destroyed them and the result of the Yemen war could have been victory for Saudi and UAE but this did not happen. 

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