Political Markaz - Year of Disgrace for Arabs in Middle

Year of Disgrace for Arabs in Middle

Year of Disgrace for Arabs in Middle

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The Middle East has been the most important region in 2017 and the ongoing incidents from before have seen dramatic changes in 2017 and there has been both positive and negative progress as well. The most important change has been that the terrorism conspiracy which was in Middle East has been failed by Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and Russia. The Middle East for entire world carries significance and it can get the entire world into a war. And till now the dangers are still there. In this region the greater Middle East plan which was there from America, Israel and European. First it was British who were leading and America deputing them but now America is leading it and Britain is their deputy. Now after more than half century of World War II they want to carry out a new restructuring of Middle East. They want to change political borders, they want to change systems, conspiracies.

They want to remove old faces, new ones should come forward. For this they got changes in some regions and they were proceeding with that but in between a big difficulty, obstacle by the name of Shiite came in, specifically Wilayat. They did not consider this as an obstacle in their conspiracy and this is what happens when arrogant ones make the plan. When they make such plans they ignore certain thing out of arrogance by considering certain things as very small. It was just like in the advent of the Islamic Revolution; America and Iran Shah were sensitive on everything like Communists, Nationalist that they might topple the shah’s government but they were not considering the scholars into any account. They would say that what these scholars could do; the most they do is to leave their homes and go to mosques. But what happened is that the Shah’s government did not topple by communists or nationalists but it was the religious group that did it. The same has happened here also whereby they were not considering Shias as any power. They made a New Middle East plan and when they came they did not account for the power of Shiite and they got inflicted with a blow from there. Hence the most powerful stratagem which they had made for Middle East got failed in 2017. From this perspective 2017 has become historic year whereby America, European Union and all their allies have faced a complete defeat in 2017. This prestige went to the standard bearers of Islam that is Shiite.

They had made various terrorist groups in the Middle East like Al Nusra, Syrian Liberation front and many others whom they imposed inside Syria, Lebanon, other regions. The Arab states like Qatar, Saudi, Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait gave full support to these groups and Turkey provided logistics support and provided these terrorist the route to enter from Europe to Middle East. America gave all kind of ammunition, support to them so that they can make a Takfirist state in both Iraq and Syria. And this plan of their got failed in 2017 and both Iraq and Syria got liberation from the dominance of ISIS. Though they are present but without dominance and occupation; which they had before by capturing a big region in both of these countries. This is the beginning of their destruction in 2017 and hence 2017 has been a very important year.

In 2017, one more important thing that happened was the direction which Ale Saud took in 2017 was also a new face of Ale Saud which they all did on American instructions. King Salman became the king and his son became the crown prince and he started encounters inside as well outside. He arrested people inside the country, he caught princes and put them inside prisons. He killed some, he hanged some and made some to repent. He is making a modern, liberal Saudi; this is the beginning and Saudi will become the basis of more disturbance in the Muslims world which America wants them to do.

In Palestine, Trump announced that Jerusalem should be made the capital and he declared to move their Embassy to Jerusalem. There was reaction from the Muslim world but the best reaction was from Palestine itself, whereby they declared the third Intifada and the way ISIS was eradicated, god willing this evil of Israel will also get eliminated completely.

In Yemen war also a very important turn came despite of the fact the Saudi forces have tried to ruined Yemen completely but the Yemeni’s have demonstrated tremendous reactions. First the Saudi warplanes were targeting Yemen but now the Yemen missiles are targeting Saudi, Emirate’s they have made successful attacks on Riyadh several times with their scud and cruise missiles. The entire Saudi, Emirates is in their range. The missile they launched last month on Abu Dhabi was a warning signal and not an actual attack that we can do this if you don’t refrain. On more incident that happened in Yemen was their ruler, Ali Abdullah Saleh who was ruling since decades there. His government was ended and Abdo was made as the leader by Saudi. Saleh initially was confronting Saudi and supporting Houthis but in December last year he changed his loyalty and got killed by his own Yemen warriors. This way this sedition ended which was taking a dangerous course.

In 2017, the Arabs have shown a big disgrace. We can give various titles to the year 2017 and among these one title that can be given is the Year of disgrace of Arabs. They have been openly supporting Israel. They have invited trump to lead them in a conference of fifty nations and Trump gave a speech. They have been divided also. Qatar, Saudi, Turkey who were the three pillars of terrorism got divided. They developed discord amongst them. Turkey separated from them and joined the Russian block and supporting Iran. Qatar who also believes in Arab dominance and are themselves ambitious thinks they are more superior and wanted to lead the Arab world. Qatar has invested a lot in Middle East. They took some highly progressive steps like 2022 world cup they planned for Qatar. In sports and media they took big steps. They have a very effective media like Al Jazeera which has multiple channels for News, Sports, and Entertainment and is of a very high level media like BBC, CNN. Al Jazeera has become a very effective channel and one of the demands of Saudi to resolve the problem with Qatar was to dismantle Al Jazeera. Their airline is the best and leading airline in the world. Saudi wanted to put pressure on Qatar to make it step back by applying sanctions but it became the opposite. But in general if you see that Arabs have demonstrated a big disgrace. They have accepted the leadership of Trump, came forward for friendship with Israel and collectively they have opened a front against Iran. Every disgraceful act they have done for confronting Iran. They made a 34 countries alliance force but that has not been successful. They have a commander from Pakistan but other countries just come for conference, stay in good hotels, eat good food and then go back.

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