Political Markaz - Women’s day march – A shameful act by evil women

Women’s day march – A shameful act by evil women

Women’s day march – A shameful act by evil women

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In last week, the step that was taken for Pakistan, whereby 8th March was declared as women’s day and  women rally was arranged by the state. The women came out in rallies to express their existence. They came out with banners, on which such things were written which no Muslim woman can even think of, some of these women have written about this. Those who are not social media they don’t know, but on social media there is a war on this. There are national and outside elements and lobby which is doing all this as per proper plan. These woman introduced the culture of licentiousness.

Pakistan with all praise to Allah that even without religious reformism, the Pakistan nation still has some religious values which are much more than other nations. Like Hijab as compared to other nations, is much better and prestigious if you compare with other nation. But if you see Islamic criteria, then there are problems, but if you compare other Islamic nation and even Iran. The Iranian guests who visit sometime express that they are impressed with this Hijab of woman. In Iran Hijab is mandatory, and punishment is there, but if you go to Iran and see their Hijab; a modest person cannot see that. The Marajae are opposing this in Qom as this is happening in Qom. Yesterday I saw one Marajae warning the government that the atmosphere of Qom is getting disturbed.

In Pakistan there is no pursuance but still if you see Pakistan, their dresses are much more modest than anyone else this means there is a shame, modesty present inside them, despite of an aggression of western culture and Indian culture. Like a women who has not covered her head but here Salwar, Kameez is not immodest. These women what they did was trying to attract Pakistani woman. They were sending messages to Pakistani women on banners, that we are free, Enmity of man, who is brother, father, husband to stop women. They made shoes that woman should beat husband. My body is my property and I can do anything with it, was on banners. These rallies were there in Karachi, Islamabad. People have lost sensitivity, as they are bringing licentious woman for dancing. This work is part of that aggression which is being done on Pakistani community and are aroused on shamefulness of woman. They are told that you should not wear any dress you desire, you don’t wear anything as woman is free and no one can pursue this. There have been some resolutions and talks somewhere but in general there is nothing in public against this, neither the scholars, media no one raise their voice. We should stop this aggression here; else it would create big destruction. 

The women also did not realize their worth and man also used woman for lust. They have not used woman also as a woman. The philosophy of Quran is that Allah is going to Hayat e Tayyaba to believers. The woman and man both stampeded their Islamic culture. Then other cultures further disturbed it and then ignorance in woman also played a big role. The way man only looks at woman with lustful eyes; the woman also become such asset and become lowly. There are some woman who are made by atmosphere and do evil acts. Some are of evil characters and some are evil essence. Those woman are doing evil acts; their acts are bad but not necessary they are totally bad; certain acts are bad, but mentally they are not evil. Certain man are also who do evil acts, but their vision, thinking, beliefs are not bad. The women with evil character are those who have made their personality in evil. They have lived in evil environments. They are used for evils and promote evils; like these women in film industry, modelling. Some are even from good families, even from Syed families. These women also have some religiousness, they do cultural rites; they will pray to Allah for evils acts. I went to one place for Tableegh, one believer was telling me that I have made this place of worship and people of locality boycotted me, so I went to Lahore and went to the market of licentious women and I requested them, so they donated money and came from there and constructed this pace of worship. They do good things also with this Haraam income. They cook food for religious gatherings and there are many respected persons who visit their religious programs. Her character is bad but not rebellion to Allah. She is violating all the limits of Allah but at the same time taking the name of Allah as well. She has made a dual character. If you visit shrines, you will find a big category of such persons, such woman praying. They have bad character and entice others also to evil acts. The third worst category are evil women; whose entire existence is evil; who are enemies of religious values and want to destroy the woman character. These woman of 8th march who took banners to show to all woman to stampede religious values. Women with evil acts, evil character are small evils, but this evil women is something big. An evil act woman would deceive few person, an evil character women in some locality but an evil women will destroy the entire nation. There are such women in educational institutes, media and not that they are doing something on their own. They have relationship with NGO’s. They make other woman nude, they spread evil and the astonishing thing is that the feuds of our religion; they did not speak about this act. They digested this peacefully. The religious women should give a reply to this in their gatherings, mosques. The modest, chaste woman should reply to these evil women and that too such reply that they don’t have courage to do such things in future.    

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