Political Markaz - Why Taliban is using ISIS to attack Shia mosques?

Why Taliban is using ISIS to attack Shia mosques?

Why Taliban is using ISIS to attack Shia mosques?

Oct 22,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Last Friday as well there was suicide attack in Afghanistan. We don’t know what has happened today in Afghanistan may Allah have mercy on them. Last Friday more than 60 Shia believers got martyred and many more got wounded. May Allah bless them , grant patience to family and cure the wounded. A week before it happened in Kunduz, then again last Friday and today is third Friday.

At present the most serious topic is of Afghanistan. This country is under war for forty years and now the country is handed over to Taliban who are warriors. It was a drama of democracy done before and the Americans ran away and left the country. There is no country who has formally accepted the Taliban government though many countries are helping like Iran, Pakistan and even Russia. Their delegation has gone to Turkey who has also said we will not accept your government but will support you. The others are helping ISIS, Northern alliance. Afghanistan has become a known land and profession to fight proxy wars for others. The others like Turkey are helping Afghanistan to destroy Afghanistan. If you do not want to accept their government then take it over from them. Pakistan is not accepting them because first they want Taliban to accept the demands of global community. And for Taliban to understand what the global community wants will take hundred years.

Our PM wants to have an alliance government in Afghanistan where all parties are involved and this won’t happen. Instead Pakistan will get sacrificed on this. Everyone in the world is demanding from Pakistan to do things in Afghanistan, but how will Pakistan do all this? Taliban is not inching and yesterday they gave a reply to Global Community in Hotel Intercontinental. They had a program for honoring martyrs which means suicide bombers who have bombed the same hotel twice before. There is nothing happening for the people now as there is no foreign support. Our PM has said that there would be human crisis in Afghanistan and this is what will happen as all what has been done before by everyone. These suicide bombers have never bombed American interests and the last attack on airport was also done by ISIS. Taliban has always attacked people in Juloos, Hotels, roads etc. The news agencies should come out with stats on how many died in these attacks. So they are not martyrs? Those who killed are martyrs? They have said that these are our heroes who are being awarded and families are compensated. And our country wants to support them? Can the global community do anything after these steps taken by Taliban? The Global community is talking about rights, do alliance with others, open schools, universities and Taliban is honoring suicide bombers. For this reason Afghanistan is under a worse crisis and Pakistan is under more trouble. The Pakistanis are not able to understand.

In the past Pakistan was one part and playing one role due to which we suffered this much and our PM repented several times that we will not repeat the past mistakes but still we are proceeding to do that. At this time America has done complete Satanism. America has ruined Afghanistan 20 years before and there is nothing left there to be destroyed further. The entire plan now is being made for Pakistan. If we join links we can see that the situation made in Pakistan was for Afghanistan to protect America. The way that lady Wendy Sherman came and insulted us in our capital , she said we don’t need you anymore. You resolve Afghanistan because you have destroyed it. It is time we have to sort our mess and leave Afghanistan for them ; they will resolve it whichever way they want. If they can call suicide bombers as Heroes in Afghanistan then there are many such heroes in Pakistani, who have killed innocent people in Pakistan. Those who blasted the Peshawar school in Pakistan has been made Hero by the home minister of Taliban. When the father of suicide bomber is given status of Hero then how many such are present in Pakistan to take such medals? Everyone here desires to become heroes. Imam Khomeini would tell his community that if you don’t understand what to do, then look at what Satan is doing and just do the opposite what this great Satan is doing. If they are doing compromise then you fight, if they are fighting then you go for compromise. This is a sad situation.

Now every attack ISIS is accepting. So from where they have got so many ISIS now and it was Taliban who were doing suicide bombing before everywhere and they cannot stop them? Yesterday there was an attack on their own car. The commanders of Taliban have announced that certain undesired elements would be removed from Taliban. Since Taliban wants acceptance from global community, they will have to become liberal but the elements inside Taliban would not like to become liberal, due to which there would be a split.

The Shia killing which is happening on every Friday now in Afghanistan in the name of ISIS. It could have been done by anyone and could be from inside Taliban itself. Taliban has to give this impression as well that if you do not support Taliban then ISIS would become effective. To get protection from ISIS the world might start to support Taliban. The blood of Shias is very cheap so they can do anything. Certain blood costs are high like Israel, you kill one Israeli they bomb entire Gaza. But certain bloods like of Shias does not get compensated. If you kill one or hundred the most they will do is to sit in protest where no one will come for condolence as well. These suicide bombers will shed this free blood in the name of ISIS so that the global community can come to support Taliban. I don’t have any evidence but my intellect says this can happen and such happens. China will invest money when their interests are endangered. Hence this Shia killing is dangerous but is beneficial for Taliban. Hence they have got this path to keep on killing.

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