Political Markaz - What rights Shias have to oppose terrorists contesting elections in Pakistan

What rights Shias have to oppose terrorists contesting elections in Pakistan

What rights Shias have to oppose terrorists contesting elections in Pakistan

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In the national issues, the dominating atmosphere in Pakistan is of elections which has been announced for 25th July by the government and various steps are being taken. But along with this there are doubts as well whether elections are going to happen or not. Many political Guru’s still are not certain if elections would actually take place or not. It is possible based on certain incidents and steps that at any moment they might announce that the country situation is not suitable for elections or the demands for elections are not fulfilled hence elections are delayed for some time. Those who are aware about the political movements in the country, understand establishments they predict in advance and it happens the same way. There was a Peer Pagada in Sindh; whatever he would predict it would happen. Now he has died and there is a junior Peer Pagada who says less but the senior if he said Martial law would be imposed it would happen. His disciples were thinking that he had knowledge of unseen. When a person is inside a system he can sense their intentions and based on their will only they express opinion. Such Gurus are present who are still not certain about elections and certain elements are there which are giving impression that these elections might not take place.

One sign which they are showing for rejection of elections is about the candidates which have stood up for elections at states and provinces. There are certain provincial regions like FATA which is no more FATA are going to contest elections for the first time. It used to happen before also but they were not having candidates in the assembly elections and only selected persons for communal assembly. Those areas where elections were not taking place before and when it takes place everyone becomes hopeful to participate in these elections. There is a desire to do this when the first time opportunity has come. Despite of the new regions being part of elections in a collective manner the number of candidates are less as compared to past elections. First there were more candidates now they are less. If you bring out a percentage then a very small quantum has come up for contesting elections.

Another is the situation that has been created as regards to security whereby many have been taken out of politics and many are got in. Some say that in Pakistan this is the beauty of democracy and one such beauty which has come up explicitly is about suspended organization. These organization who were deployed as terrorists groups by the government and very well established that they are terrorist organizations like Sipahe-e-Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Janghvi who have not just killed Shia but have killed people of entire Pakistan. They are still effective and their leader and others have been certified to contest elections so that for a Takfirist election the requirements get fulfilled. For an election that is being contested on Takfirism you need such entities to complete its structure. Those who were not Takfirist they have also become Takfirist. Like the Barelvi have become more Takfirist under the slogan of Khatm-e-Nabuwat as anyone who stands against them they declare him as infidel (Kafir). Hence a Kafir should not be voted and if someone does then the infidel has to meet its end. All the killers of suspended organizations with the special permission of government and judiciary are contesting. The Election commission has rejected their requests but the Judiciary and interim government has issued a special notice, attesting them, referring to their abilities thus granting them permission to contest.

Some are very annoyed on this and specifically the Shia parties and organizations who are making more noise on this as to why they have been given permission. Both of these need pondering. One is that how those organizations who have been suspended by the government and Judiciary and still that suspension has not been lifted but despite of being suspended they are contesting elections. They have kept them as suspended organizations and as well at the same time given them permission to contest elections. This is the beauty of democracy in this country. The other beauty is that the Shia political parties are making noise on why they have been granted permission to contest elections. The way the government after suspending them has no rights to grant them permission as this is not accepted by intellect, religion or constitution. It is like you are telling the people that these parties are criminals but still they can become leaders of the country. You are giving the entire country in their hands.

The other beauty is demonstrated by the Shia parties who are contesting in elections. As such there are many Shia parties; few years before they had a conference as APC (All Party Conference). There was such All Shia Party conference also held in which once 47 Shia political parties attended and in another one around 54 parties attended. There were some parties who boycotted this conference but as per the newspapers 54 parties attended. Though some did not attend like the oldest leader of Shia community, Syed Hamid Moosavi, the leader of Tehrik-e-Nafaz-e-Fiqah-e-Jafaria who boycotted and might be was not even invited. Such Shia parties did not participate; they have their own ways. Those who were allied or close were around 44 or 54 parties. If there are so many Shia political parties then it is a big number. All of them have an objection; though some have openly expressed. But more or less all are objected which is genuine, natural that how come the government has allowed the terrorists who have set entire country on Fire with their brutal killings to contest elections? But who will rectify this? The answer for this is only one; that this is the beauty of democracy. These parties who have adopted the election politics under this democratic system which Shias have found as replacement to the System of Imamat. First Khilafat became a replacement to Imamat, then Kingship, but Shias did not like this. When Khilafat replaced Imamat Shia did not like this; when Kingship became replacement of Imamat; Shias did not like it. But when democracy became replacement of Imamat Shias liked it a lot and jumped into it that even now if Imam-e-Asr (a.t.f.s) comes they will not be excited so much the way they are on democracy.

The question is on what basis are you objecting these terrorists contesting elections? Democracy is this only; even a criminal is also from the people the way a believer is also from people; similarly corrupt, killers are also from people. Democracy is the only system which gives the possibility to everyone. The beauty of democracy is this one. Though this example is not clean but in order to expose the reality of someone I have to quote such examples with apology. The example is that there are some beautiful women are chaste, modest and get married, remaining loyal to their husband until death. There are many beautiful young women whose husband die in young age but still they do not get married just because of loyalty to their husband. There are some other women who are not even that beautiful but by applying makeup they try to look beautiful and they do not stop any men to approach them. They are the licentious women, prostitutes who treat every men as same; for them believer and unbeliever are the same. In Pakistan there is a group of communists, socialists who support the rights of prostitutes. There are many poets who have written poems for the rights of prostitutes portraying them as oppressed. They have written in their books and poems that the leaders, rulers, bureaucracy, government officers, feudal lords and even religious personalities are all connected to these licentious women. This is the beauty of democracy that religious and non-religious are both going there. Since if you have adopted a system whose name is Democracy which means from the people, then all these are people only in vocabulary. Trump has become the ruler only because of democracy. If democracy was not there then in the generation of Trump no one would have become ruler.

If you see the Pakistani Judiciary which is also strange; they have declared two Prime Ministers are unqualified for elections. One was Nawaz Sharif and then the PM Khaqan Abbasi who came after him. A PM who has done the governance; who became the PM by the vote of people becomes ineligible whereas terrorists on whom there are court cases, punishments issued on them have become eligible and they have been given the rights to participate in elections and the EX PM has been disqualified. This is democracy. Now when you have adopted democracy then why are you objecting on who can come inside or not? The argument which you had to enter democracy they have the same argument. Till the time this democratic system is there terrorist will not just end but instead terrorists will become your rulers. First you had corrupt rulers but now you will have terrorists as your rulers. They will come in parliament, they will take ministerial positions, they will become the Prime Minister and they will do everything when they come. This is because your system is such and suitable for them only. When you leave Wilayat, Imamat and leave the divine system then in other systems this would be in your fate and you will get this only. What expectations you can have with democracy. It is like an Omni public bus on which you have boarded but you are telling someone else should not. It is a public bus for everyone to board. This is the democratic system and everyone can come inside it.

As such they are intentionally being brought inside. First the son of their leader was got into politics in mid-term elections and now they are bringing them into main elections. That terrorist who went to hell, Azam Tariq; his son was qualified by election commission; the son of Janghvi, Ludhianvi, and Farooqi can contest elections. All these killers who have been setting fire in the country have all been attested as eligible for elections. This is the beauty of democracy and you have to tolerate this beauty because democracy has its miracles which you should see this now. What calamities will come on the community, nation, and people will be proven after the elections. Similarly there were terrorist incidents in certain areas like Deira Ismail Khan. Though there are claims that terrorism has been controlled but the believers are in threats there.

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