Political Markaz - Wave of issues cropping up in Arab world

Wave of issues cropping up in Arab world

Wave of issues cropping up in Arab world

Apr 05,2019 Comments Download

In Arab world there is a wave of serious issues started. In Algeria there was a democratic government on the outward, though there’s a dictator there, and he has resigned and the cabinet is now of PM. There will be new elections but Algeria has become chaotic. In Libya the civil wars are still going on and supporters of various foreign powers are fighting for power and new wave has started which will go forward. 

In Qatar, they have come in confrontation with Emirates and Saudi. They have taken more steps to finish Qatar and have come up more powerfully against them. In 2020 there will be football world cup in Qatar, and is the biggest sports event for the world. A small country of size of a city and they got privileged to run this, to get the world cup done. This world cup is not just a play, there is a culture, politics, economy and the country who runs this gets a position in the world. On the other hand Qatar called for a conference of Islamic world, where Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi have boycotted. Qatar is seen in every field where Saudi Arabia is coming up.  

The same tension is going on in Egypt also and situation is becoming chaotic. This needs more details. The point is that a wave has again started in the Arab world, and the same satanic powers are behind, who want this ups and downs to control them 

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