Political Markaz - Wave of Fitnah’s start in Iran and Firmness of Leader

Wave of Fitnah’s start in Iran and Firmness of Leader

Wave of Fitnah’s start in Iran and Firmness of Leader

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The biggest issue at present is Iran and Trump has announced the first phase of sanctions on Iran few days back and other sanctions will be imposed in November. During this period he has threatened the entire world that you should not trade with Iran. Few countries have given very blunt reply to Trump that we will continue to trade with Iran. One statement was from China, the second blunt reply was from Turkey that we are not under your laws; then similarly Russia has also replied.


The policy of America for Iran is to squeeze Iranian people under pressure of sanctions. The pressure is increasing day by day; the Iranian currency has fallen down a lot against dollar. It is nearly 10,000 Toman per dollar. With this fallen currency the bread will be few thousands. If you want to buy 1 kg meat you have to pay 100,000. When the people cannot fulfill their daily needs with this inflation then a community comes under psychological pressure. They are pursing Iran to come on their knees and change the regime. American security advisor John Bolton who was the representative in United Nations before. He is a very filthy person much filthier even than Trump. In the past American government, when trump was not there, He issued a statement that America should take such steps that the Iranian revolution should not enter its 40th year. This is the 40th year of Islamic revolution and in the coming February this revolution will complete its 40th year of revelation. America has determined that we will not allow his revolution to complete 40th year. This is the statement of this person who is the advisor of American President. There is a full team which is planning for Iran.


In order to make the weapon of sanctions effective; so that people can come out in rebellion. In order to arouse people for rebellion certain things are being done inside Iran and certain things are done outside. Those things which are outside are sanctions on Iran, threatening other countries to break trade ties with Iran and all the puppets of America are doing this and have stopped business with Iran. Inside Iran also many such things are done.


Amongst these one thing is that such Fitnah’s should be raised which creates discords within Iranian people. Like one fitnah which was there before but was controlled they want to re instigate. There is a terminology in Iran as Sargane Fitnah (Chiefs of Sedition). In Iran this term is used for 3 or 4 personalities; one is Mir Hossein Moosavi, the ex-Prime Minister; his wife Zahra; Sheikh Mehdi Karroubi was amongst the Chiefs of sedition who is also under house arrest. Another chief of sedition is the ex-President Khatami; though he is not formally under house arrest but he is not allowed to attend public gatherings, he cannot speak anywhere or socialize which means in a way he is also under strict supervision. The Iranian Security council has put them under strict observation and house arrests. Now when America is applying sanctions this pressure is also being applied that the restrictions on these seditionists should be ended. There is a strange personality involved in raising this Fitnah; and that is Ali Muttahhari the son of Martyr Muttahhari. You can see whose son he is and what kind of act he is doing. This is also a sedition so that the community can rise from this perspective as well and this way things can be flamed.


One more person who is raising Fitnah and he has called the community is the ex-President Ahmadinejad. He is arousing people to rise against the current government. He has said that all these restrictions are not because of America but it is due to the current government of President Roohani which should be got down.


America has put restrictions from one side and other hand has proposed negotiations for new agreement. In the new agreement they want Iran to stop their military development, wash of IRGC, end the system of Wilayat-e-Faqeeh, support of Hezbollah should end, interference in Syria, Yemen should stop and all this America wants. In this demand of Trump there are some seditionists inside Iran who are pushing that this negotiation should be done. One atmosphere they are making is that in the past Imam Khomeini (r.a) out of unwillingness ended the war with Iraq. The situations were such that Imam had said that I am not ready but I am ending this war and drinking the cup of poison. Some revolutionaries are saying that you have drank one cup of poison before so drink one more now. This means you should do negotiations with America, end IRGC, Wilayat-e-Faqeeh so that Iran can be saved. There is an extreme pressure on revolutionary centers and personalities. This same Ali Muttahhari has given a statement that America is not responsible for breaching this agreement but it is due to IRGC as they tested missile. Hence they are pushing all the liabilities of difficulties with Iran on Revolutionary personalities and centers.


The restrictions and sanctions when it comes on a country, people get into panic as inflation goes up and traders start to stock supplies. In Iran the merchants are removing necessary things out of market and placing them in stores. Rice, Sugar availability are reducing from the market. This is one step they are taking so that the restrictions of Donald Trump becomes effective on Iran. This is the army of Donald Trump which is working inside Iran.


What is required is that the responsible persons on right positons in Banks and other finance institutions should make arrangements to control the economic situation. The officials who are responsible are not doing this. As a result the revolutionary groups who do not have the government in their hand; like Imams of Friday prayers, or some other personalities who have revolutionary fame they are going out to solve the problems of people. Like the Friday prayer leader is going amongst people where the Governor or government official should be going.


They are also trying to create rebellion protests. They have done this in few cities and are the pumping it up on media so that this spreads across Iran. This point was taken to the Supreme Leader. As it has come out in the news that some people have given this information to the Leader that outside Iran those who are loyalists of Revolutionary , supporters, well-wishers are getting disturbed that it should not happen that God-forbid this revolution should get washed off. The Supreme leader has given a message of two to three pages for the entire world and for the revolutionaries outside Iran and supporters. He said, that tell them that these enemies cannot do anything to us. They have come in confrontation with Iran several times. The leader said that I am telling this with certainty that you remain contented that whatever the insider and outsiders are trying to do; they cannot do any damage to us. This revolution and system is under the refuge of Allah and the grace of Imam e Zaman (a.t.f.s) and this nation will be secured. This trust and reliance on Allah is unique. He is attentive towards the issues and giving his advice in the issues but he is not under any panic that the big devil has said that we will not allow the revolution to complete 40 yrs and they get afraid. This kind of trust, reliance, firmness and certainty is a big capital of the Ummah. We wish that the other leaders of the Muslim world should also develop this kind of certainty. The Pakistanis should also develop such kind of firmness and certainty and stop taking support from outsiders and by having trust on Allah and with their own hands, give development to their nation and get these shackles of disgrace and humiliation out. This sense should come to the world, they should learn and we pray that Allah (s) should give salvation to the Islamic revolution from this Fitnah.

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