Political Markaz - Wave of Culture of Lust in India accepted by all

Wave of Culture of Lust in India accepted by all

Wave of Culture of Lust in India accepted by all

Oct 19,2018 Comments Download

In India the atrocities in Kashmir have increased and they are fueling Pakistan enmity every day and in 2019 there are elections and every party has to use Pakistan to win elections. The 3rd point is their plan to make India as Modern India. They have given legal status to homosexuality rights and adultery of married woman. Everyone irrespective of religion and sects have accepted this and no heavy voice was raised in opposition as if they have accepted this. The Hindus have also accepted this and justified that this act has no filth in it as our gods and goddesses were also doing this. Since this is an act of gods hence it is a divine custom; which we should not object. 

The business community of India has become very happy as they have got a new business opportunity and this is very astonishing to polish this business of lust. They have said that since there are restrictions in the world on these lustful acts this is an opportunity for them. This is an old plan, suggestion and almost 20 yrs before I don’t remember whose government it was. There were economy issues and economy crisis in India. This suggest came from inside India and as well as outside that for India to increase their earnings should give legal status to prostitution and licentious flesh trading by women should be promoted. This means all homosexuals and adulterers from across the globe should visit India like tourists. They should come here and do lustful and this way the economy of India will grow. They took this step also and prostitutes were given licenses at that time so that taxes can be levied on them. The prostitution was legalized and taxes levied so that government can make money from them.

This law which is being made by Supreme Court has made the capitalist businessman very happy. They want to invest heavy capital and make India the center of lustful corruption in the world. Since in other places these people are not having open permission and in entire world you cannot fiddle with a married woman but in India they have given freedom. Now with homosexuality also permitted they are working out business plans to move the entire filth of the world to India. The capitalists are making the arrangements and the capitalists of India are very happy with this decision of government. If this corruption spreads in India then it will spread globally. If they induce this corruption in 1.2 billion populated country then this will spread in the world globally and Pakistan is under Indian influence in all senses. The Pakistanis wear the dresses that come from India; they apply henna from India, and fashion is all done that comes from India. If this is happening and it has happened then this culture will transfer from India to Pakistan and it is difficult to save Pakistan as well. This has happened as there is absolutely no voice against this from India; from both Muslims and non-Muslims. It looks like they were waiting for such a law to come or had made vows and were pleading their gods for a day to come when such a law gets accepted so that they get opportunity of lust and corruption.

This is the promise of Allah in Quran that when Allah wants to destroy some town, then it is the law of Allah that when we want to destroy a town we order the affluent and licentious people in that town to do corruption in that town; then the Hujjat is accomplished and then we crush them into powder. The way it happened with the community Lut where Allah crushed the community into powder. This crime reaches this end. We desire that in India those who are religious, have self-respect should realize this and rise to save their community

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