Political Markaz - Wahdat Conference 2021 – Note of thank

Wahdat Conference 2021 – Note of thank

Wahdat Conference 2021 – Note of thank

Oct 29,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

week we had a great Unity conference 2021 in Jamea Urwatul Wuthqa. The message by those who attended is great for the Ummah which has fulfilled the desires of great elderly personalities. Allama Iqbal and Imam Khomeini (r.a) desired that why the Ummah cannot be united. Allama Iqbal gave a vision but Imam Khomeini (r.a) took practical steps and from across the Islamic world personalities would be called by flights to visit Iran for Unity conference in Iran in Rabi ul Awwal.

Imam Khomeini (r.a) said in one speech that Unity cannot be done if you only visit, attend conference, do shopping, eat and go back like this. You need to go back and do something after the conference. They should go back and in their countries as well they should do this. Imam was realizing that in hotels they are talking about good things related to Wahdat but when they return they don’t do anything. Like from Pakistan those who would go to attend this conference both Shias and Sunnis, when they returned back they would not give any message or talk about unity. They would only talk about the situations in Iran, about food, about roads, hotels, etc. There are some elders still present and you can check with them that they have attended various unity conferences so please talk something about it, they will talk about all these things related to food, transportation and other travel related stuff in personal gathering. Imam had this complaint that you come, eat and go but do not prepare any grounds for unity in your own countries. Hence this was a desire of Imam Khomeini (r.a) and Iqbal that this work should be done.

And with praise to God, the world can see that the confidence and trust amongst the sects is reviving. For thirty years hatred has been spread, sectarianism has been done, lying and distancing has been created. Those who are so far to bring them near is difficult but with the grace of Allah this work has been done. You can see in this conference the main, central leadership of all the organizations have participated in this conference. They are not small names like Jaamat-e-Islami leader Siraj ul Haqq came and delivered a lecture. The national unity council chairman came and did a very beautiful speech. Similarly Muttahida Ahle Hadith organization Ziaullah Bukhari who comes every year, came this year as well. Similarly Jamea Naemia a very reliable organization in Pakistan, their head Doctor Raghib NAeemi came and did a very good speech. Chairman of Islami Nazaryati council came and did a speech. From the Sufi scholars, the central shrine of Eidgah Sharif from Rawalpindi their Peer Naqizada came and delivered a good speech. Similarly the head of Jamea Binori’s head Noman Naemi came and delivered a good speech. Similarly the chieftain of Mian Meer a very big shrine Peer Haroon Ali Gilani came and though at end he became upset due to lack of time. Peer Pagadah which is a chain of Sufis in Sindh, Usman Rashid came. The central shrine of Lal Shah Qalandar and Shias specifically believe in this shrine and its custodian Ali Raza came and delivered a speech. Peer Manki came from MAnki Sheriff. The central chairman of crescent sighting committee , the Imam of Badshahi mosque Abdul Sattar came. Many said that despite of other programs we are here because of sincerity. They all expressed if sincere efforts are made to join the Ummah then it gives results. We respect and thank everyone who have come under these circumstances. They delivered speech and guided us and none of the speeches were below standard. The council general of Iran Mr. Naziri also came and many other elders like Hafiz Professor Zafarullah Shafiq of Atchinson college. He made a nice speech and got a cardiac arrest, where he got initial treatment from our Mafaza Hospital, then he was moved to cardiac hospital where his bypass surgery was done. Similarly head of Jamea Shaheed Hussain, ex-senator Allama Syed Jawad Hadi came despite of being sick, was admitted in our hospital but still attended the conference for some time.

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