Political Markaz - Voluntary high inflation in Pakistan

Voluntary high inflation in Pakistan

Voluntary high inflation in Pakistan

Oct 22,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

The inflation in Pakistan is rapidly rising. In one day they have taken the price of fuel so high which means transport becomes expensive which means all commodities price will go high. On the other hand the Rupee has fallen down to 174 till yesterday. There is inflation due to fall in currency and rise in fuel prices. The inflation is accelerating day and night, and is experienced by everyone but to sick persons it’s a problem much bigger. The medicines have become impossible to purchase and there is sick person in every home. On contrary the state bank governor has said that this rupee falling down has benefitting Pakistan a lot. Everyone including media is shocked on what he is saying. This inflation has been done voluntarily. They have gone to IMF to take new loans. When Shaukat Tareen was made the fifth Minister of finance. He has been kept to put all the garbage in his shoulder and get him out. When he came the first day he said that our dealings with IMF is not on right track and now he has gone to IMF to get new loan of 1 billion $. They reminded him that you have not fulfilled your commitments for last dues as you have not raised the prices. For the new loan they have put new conditions. The IMF has to support these heroes of Taliban as well and for that they will take money from Pakistan. The Pakistani people are wonders that they are all silent against inflation. They are buying Gas, electricity and everything at higher price. I have said before that inflation will not come down because opposition has spoken against it so now it wont come down. From today the opposition has given call to protest. When opposition gives a call the government is relaxed that no one can touch us. The opposition leaks the pressure of people. The government is afraid of people and opposition comes in front and leaks the pressure. The opposition does this in Pakistan. The government was afraid but now not concerned because they knew opposition would speak and they are more defamed than government. The opposition has proven that they are worse than thugs which the government accused them of. Hence there is no possibility of inflation to come down. One minister said that show me where there is inflation? Maybe he thinks it is the name of some woman and where is she? The WEFAQ minister has said to confront inflation people should eat one bread instead of two. And since sugar is very expensive, he said we should count sugar and put only 19 grains of sugar in one cup of tea.

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