Political Markaz - Violent community temperament - Diagnosing Sialkot incident

Violent community temperament - Diagnosing Sialkot incident

Violent community temperament - Diagnosing Sialkot incident

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By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

The issue which took place last Friday on Sialkot was a very painful incident. One Sri Lankan engineer Priyantha Kumara was working in a factory since 10 to 12 years was killed by beasts inside the factory. The word beasts is also a lesser word for them. They accused him of blasphemy of Prophet (s) and in a brutal manner they killed him. They made him fall down from roof top, they crushed every bone in his body and while he was alive they burnt him. Several people were watching and no one came forward and were making selfies. The Prime Minister awarded one person who tried to save him and all others behaved like animals. They behaved like beasts and in the name of religion they burnt this person. The entire Pakistan and Islam were blamed ashamed for this.

In past also two brothers of Sialkot went to claim their debts from someone, and they announced that these two brothers have defamed the Prophet and they were killed in the same brutal manner. Prior to this one more incident took place in Sialkot and this is happening in many other places as well. One good aspect that came out after this incident was that all categories of people, sects, organizations have strictly condemned this act but with condemnation the crisis of country does not gets resolved. This is a sign that has come out to reveal a very big danger. It is like a person has caught cancer but no symptoms are seen but later a pain comes out. This incident is the symptom of that painful disease that has inflicted our community. In general everyone has condemned but it is not enough and cannot solve the problem. It is good that no one supported them, and in fact the organization whom they are connected with they also criticized and disassociated with them. The same slogan has been given by this party to behead one who defames the Prophet, but they have also condemned that in the name of Prophet they have committed this crime. This spot would not be cleansed from Pakistan because before Pakistani’s were beheading Pakistanis but now this has been done on a foreigner hence has a unique importance.

The condemnation act is gradually slowing down and everyone will forget as if nothing has happened. Those two youths of Sialkot have been forgotten, did the criminals got punished? The incident that took place in army school Peshawar were not just punished but in fact forgiven. In fact it will come in today’s news that Tehreek Taliban is refusing the forgiveness of Pakistan government and we will continue this war. The killers of Shias would stand in court and confess that I have killed and will kill more if am let free. The judge would lose color but no one had courage to punish these killers. Now also this incident would be forgotten.

We have to resolve the issue. As I mentioned in my sermon there are certain important topics in religious subjects which need to be taken up. One important topic which was there in my mind that needed to be researched, followed as a student and I mentioned about that topic in certain lectures as well and that is social pathology. It is a science to diagnose the cause of social evils. The way there is medical pathology and you all have experienced that. When you visit the doctor they take vitals, ask you to carry out certain tests and this is something common in medical science and in fact to save physical life entire dependency is on pathology. If you want to express pathology then it means recognition of calamities. To catch the root cause of disease then the treatment becomes very clear. When you find that the patient has Dengue or Covid, then you know what is to be done. We need social pathology because society is a living reality like body. A human society is a living entity that has sense, structure and existence. The way body of human being becomes sick the society also becomes sick with various diseases. These social sciences are not present in our education system because we are labor countries. The English language which we study and this English education system is the biggest cause of our lowliness. The PM has said all our problems is due to English Education system but nothing has been done. If I open this then this education system which has been given to us is to make us labors and workers. The Pakistan community are tough labors and you see workers in America, Canada, Australia, England and Arab world are Pakistanis. Why they are not thinkers, writers? This is because these are not taught to us and we have to bring consultants from there to teach us.

Sociology is the science which we have to study before every science. This violence, violence is a social disease which has inflicted everyone in Pakistan. Every person has developed violence and no tolerance in our society. How much can we tolerate the behavior of our colleagues, brothers. We become violent if someone jokes or speaks against our thinking. Labor, politician, police, businessman are all violent. Why people  are so afraid of police? This is because they are violent. They first beat and then ask the name and what you did? This violence has gone deep down in Pakistan. There is no academy in Pakistan who is teaching sociology and specifically pathology which means diagnosing social evils, distortions, deviations, weakness, grievances and calamities. There are top universities for agriculture in Pakistan where they diagnose diseases of seeds, crops , fruits etc. There are arrangements of spraying pesticides for various calamities of crops.

There is no tolerance at any level. And specifically the maximum violence is in religious circle. Anyone who thinks against their views they turn violent. The Shia scholars do not speak truth because the crowd in front of them is violent. If you do not speak what they like they will abuse, accuse you. We think worships are complete religion which is only 1/12th of religion that is Jurisprudence (fiqh) laws. There are other eleven parts as well and I have mentioned that we need 12 books of practical laws. To find social diseases, finding its causes and then treatment is actual religion. Amr bil Maroof which we have eliminated completely is the part of this pathological teaching of Islam. You should diagnose, find the causes of social evils and then stop them by cutting the roots of these calamities. Everyone is feeling the violence because we are all violent from inside so don’t feel astonished. We all have abnormal behaviors and religious people have most. In religion violence is taught as something sacred and violent person is considered believer.

We have started these lectures on AafatShanasi in Hauza and in every calamity we started with a hadith of Amirul Momineen (a.s) on what is the calamity. If we research on the entire collection of calamities and for what segment. Every segment of our lives, like our minds, psychology, relationships are inflicted by calamities and violence is dominant in every segment. You can see molestation of children and women being heard every other day. Few days back a news came from Layyah that molestation was done by a 22 years old rowdy youth on a eighty years old woman, the age of his grandmother. This is a calamity. The society has calamites of lust, in religion , in trade. You try to find a pure thing in Pakistan? Some guests come to us and when they drink tea they say there is a different taste of our milk. The milk which is declared as pure in markets is also coming from injections. Our flock only takes natural feed hence there would be a difference. You just try to find any pure thing in Pakistan! They grow vegetables and fruits with water from dirty streams. Every segment is affected. These are the calamities.

In these calamities the violence which is there in our temperament is a big crisis. We are experts in creating crisis. Before elections PM would say give me 100 days I will fix every problem of the country. The corrupted Pakistan has been further destroyed and they are not ready to leave power as well. This is amongst the duties of government to get these sciences taught in education. They are doing reformation but there is nothing in it, they only bring changes in syllabus which FATF wants. They don’t look at their own problems.

I have mentioned this so that we can start these left-over things but I don’t get time from bricks and concrete. If others in the country do it is very good but if not then we should first try to compile this as a science and teach our generations, so that they know why these diseases come up and how to get cure.

You can see one home in which there are women. You see their accent, language in which they speak with each other even in poorest homes. The relatives do not tolerate each other. The brothers, sisters do not tolerate each other and to close eyes on this is destruction. The violent temperament inside Pakistani community becomes the basis that they do not need any external enemy they will themselves kill each other. One person comes with weapon and kills his own family. In school you see violence in teachers, staff and students. To warn, condemn , be strict is there in education which is different from violence. There is violence in every segment of society. You see the lawyers are violent. They are like beast breaking hospitals, beating judges and police are afraid.

Our minister of information, Fawad Chaudhary who is also a strange person after our PM. At times he adopts some other frequency and talks something very intellectual. Recently when one party was suspended and again ban was removed, he said that our government has no intention to end terrorism and we have submitted to terrorism. At times a person comes out of the garb of power and he realizes the reality. This strengthens the violence. The government has made an Electronic Voting machine and violently the government has got the bill accepted. The opposition leaders have warned the government that if you do vote through this EVM then we will adopt the behavior of banned outfits which means violence. Now the solution is rallies, burn the cars, shops, break the glasses. They do violence even when they are happy, sad, hungry or full.

The religious leaders seem to be the most abnormal. They don’t have even slightest of tolerance and are not ready to tolerate anyone. These are the devastating diseases. If our media and others do not talk and are not sensitive towards this violent temperament then it does not mean this is not a calamity. Hence it is essential to take this subject. The Hindus have learnt violence from us Pakistanis. There is no violence in Hinduism and Buddhism religion. They do not eat animals because they consider this as well as violence. They do not even kill insects and such peace-loving religion but now you can see what level of violence is on their heads. You can see how Buddhist tortured Rohingya Muslims. Today this violence has become a volcano in them. If the violence is not stopped then they will tear each other apart. This is happening every day in Pakistan. The child molestation which is being done daily in Pakistan, the PM said make them impotent. This does not stop molesting. You change thinking, include these teachings in education , then people will stop from violence inside home. Someone was telling me about the complaints of women in their area. I have seen women with a 12-bore rifle who would shoot as well on people. In Qom there is an area where an Iranian women stabbed a Pakistani student. When society becomes violent then everyone is a beast and no one is noble. The thieves go and if someone resists they shoot.

The violence has several factors which we can discuss later in details about its genetic, biological, nurturing, educational, inheritance, religious elements and it comes from various sources.

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