Political Markaz - US Foreign office says Pakistan Judiciary is not free to take decisions

US Foreign office says Pakistan Judiciary is not free to take decisions

US Foreign office says Pakistan Judiciary is not free to take decisions

Jul 30,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

There are two statements that have come for Pakistan, one from UN and second is from foreign office of America. They have said that the Pakistan Judiciary is not free and under dominance and control, so the decisions which they make is always under pressure. In the past they used to blame Pakistan for democracy, human rights, terrorism and keep Pakistan under pressure from these perspectives. Now they have changed their direction toward the Pakistan judiciary. There are issues inside the system of judiciary whereby there have been cases in court. Our spokesperson has rejected that there is no pressure on Pakistan court. The Foreign Secretary of America also said that no one in Pakistan can speak against court as that would be considered insult to court and there would be punishment for this.

In any case at this stage the topic selected by America to apply pressure on Pakistan will not end at this statement but will go forward. America expects a lot from Pakistan as Pakistan has done a lot for America in past. Though our PM said Absolutely not, but everything gets done. The analysts outside Pakistan claim that pressure will come on Pakistan and they will victimize Pakistan in severe difficulties. Already Pakistan supporting terrorists is a case going on FATF. On top of this when court comes under pressure then the terrorism support case also gets attestation. The Foreign ministry of ours should make in advance active policies whereby we know what is enemy planning for us, what weakness is in their hands and it is their responsibility to take these weaknesses out from them. In Pakistan any department government when they do something they should think about how far the effects can go and where all it would be used. When the judiciary is doing something, taking some decision then they should know that entire world sees them. Today if Pakistan listens to America, then Court and Pakistan all would be a very good country like Saudi and other Arab nations. All these non-democratic countries are excellent in the books of America because whatever they say these nations do. The court of Pakistan should do such clear work and set a standard of justice that no nation can use this as a weakness weapon against Pakistan.

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