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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Aug 02,2019 Comments Download

There are some events also that is Zilhajj and a big number of people are present in Mecca for the Hajj rituals. I will mention about Hajj on next Friday. We pray for security and protection of the pilgrims there.

On 5th August, it is the anniversary of Shaheed Arif Husseini (R.a) the leader of Pakistan, who got martyred under the government of Zia ul Haqq along with coordination of some embassies in his Madrassa. On 5th August itself, there is a program at the place of his martyrdom in Peshawar in Madrassa e Shaheed Husseini and we request believers to participate there. Then there is Eid ul Adha about which we will talk about in the sermon of Eid.

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