Political Markaz - Ulama and Pakistan Army take decision on nationalization of Madrassah’s

Ulama and Pakistan Army take decision on nationalization of Madrassah’s

Ulama and Pakistan Army take decision on nationalization of Madrassah’s

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There was an event on Wednesday which got published in newspapers on Thursday. On Wednesday, there was a meeting with Islamic Scholars and General Bajwa at GHQ from 5 pm to 12 at night. After this the Ulama and spokesperson of army also have said, that the decision about Madrassah’s has been taken.

The Ulama aboard and army spokesperson have also commented and Minister of education has also announced that Madrassah’s will be registered under ministry of education. The institutes which played an important role. First, they tracked Madrassah’s and formally went and checked their activities, buildings, teachings and this data gathering was done through CTD, that is the anti-terrorist organization. There is one more organization NACTA which is above CTD.

All agencies of the country have been active in the Madrassah’s activities and all the data that is gathered from across the country is through these agencies. The decision also that has been taken is not done in the parliament, assembly but this is the decision taken between Ulama and Pakistan Army, from this incident, the eyes, vision with which the Madrassah’s are being seen is clear. The definition of madrassah becomes clear from them.

In media there is mixed perception, in people also it is mixed, some pro and some against views. In government also it could be like this whereby some in favor and some against. The national institutes and agencies, who keep an eye on these Madrassah’s and trying to control madrassa through anti-terrorist organization, which means Madrassah’s for them are centers of terrorism. This style of theirs gives this impression. They are saying also that we have to bring the Madrassah’s in mainstream and they are using such statements in media as well. They are in some other valley, which is terrorism and they have brought them under government mainstream. This is a bad impression and injustice against Madrasah. In this defamation the people of Madrassah’s also have a big role in this. It is grievous that Madrassah’s are recorded under terrorism. At present the entire concentration of government is on Madrassah’s.

There are three elements behind this. One are those organizations themselves who are now doing accounting of Madrassah’; they are the ones who have got madrassahs into the field of terrorism, but not all madrassah, there are madrasahs of different sects, different views. Like Deobandi, then Barelvi and then Shia Madrassah’s. Not all of these madrassahs were into these thoughts of Jihadi, like Barelvi and Shia. These were out of mainstream even when Zia ul Haqq declared Jihad as mainstream.

Many Deobandi madrassah were also not in the Jihadi mainstream. As the army spokesman said that less than 100 such madrassahs are there. The Madrassah’s were not made for this purpose, it was due to American training, Saudi funding which made these madrassahs Jihadi. When the Jihadi path of Madrassah’s started and turned into terrorist and became a big calamity for Pakistan, and when means, money was given to Madrassahs, it was not given to all Madrassahs. This was given to a specific list of Madrassahs only. Now when this jihad transformed into terrorism, and now to control a new plan is made, they have spread it out to control all Madrassah, instead of only those who were brewing terrorism.

The second element and cause of this is on the scholars and guardians of these Madrassah. In Pakistan all the madrassah are victims of problems and we cannot say that all madrasah’s have welfare funding. The vision of people towards Madrassah was that they were not sending capable, smart children to madrassah. The economy crisis of certain Madrassah pursued these madrassahs under the Jihadi policy of Zia ul Haqq. These madrassahs agreed and they started to train people. This happened in few madrassahs.

The second weakness in these madrassahs in general is the educational level and operation, and system is very weak. Only few are there in which it is good, rest all are very weak in general. The educational activities were sick in these madrassahs and their syllabus was also not delivered properly. The modern sciences were also not present. This was the second weakness of educational level after economy which damaged the Madrassa. The families were dumping incapable children to madrassah and the systems in madrassah was also weak. Like a sick person visiting a sick doctor. This put the madrassahs into difficulty. The third element was the severe propaganda of anti-religion people. The transgressing people did this propaganda in media. 

The weakness in Madrassah in terms of education, management were all there and the output of Madrassah was not satisfactory from all Madrassahs. The personalities who came out from the madrassah, their character despaired further. This was the damages happened with madrassa. The madrassah were victims of such problems from before and those madrassahs were made by passions of people who donated their personal property money and then some scholars dedicated their life for serving the madrassahs. We can take examples of Shia as well as Sunni.

I can give a real example. 1 yr. back one police officer came to our Madrassah and said that before coming here, I got the order to visit one Ahle Sunnah madrassah to see what is happening. When I went there with forces, I saw there were 3 rooms. There was one toilet and in the center of the lawn there was a tap and this was total madrassah. In one room was maulana and his family and for the students of madrassah as well family of maulana there was one common toilet, and there was no tap in the toilet, they had to remove water from a water pump in the lawn.

The officer said that when we went there, it was cold night, maulana was not there., but since it was our duty, we woke them up and got all the students and family members came out. The police officer said, I was feeling ashamed that how such kind of people are living and on top of this I am troubling them. I apologized to them and came here now.

This madrassah in which there is one room, where maulana is living, and two rooms for students. Such madrassahs are many in your villages and all these madrassahs are victims of these problems. First, they misused these madrassahs and this was the first mistake to not use the madrassahs for politics and jihad. Second was they defamed it. If you made the first mistake, then you should have resolved it, by making laws.

Then it was the people, media and every one defamed. The third mistake which is going o happen now is to get the Madrassah’s in the government mainstream. You can and should definitely register the Madrassah as per Pakistan government laws. You should make laws for registering madrassah and all demands of government for madrassah should be fulfilled, the survival of madrassah depends on this. They should look at madrassahs with respect. They are education centers and also religious centers. If it is only related to registration then Madrassahs should register.

But if it is beyond this like government schools then this would be the last nail in the system of madrassah, because these madrassahs will automatically go under bureaucracy, and the way education system is destroyed same will happen here, the governmental issues will start and then the state of Madrassahs would be very dangerous.

The guardians of Madrassah never took notice about the weakness of their systems. They do not sit with each other, there is no coordination between Madrassah, the scholars do not sit together and talk on syllabus. We tried to rectify and remove many such mistakes; we established a high degree discipline and we can say a model madrassah has come into existence. In one thing we got failure, which was to take help from other madrassah to come here and teach and even take exams of our student.

There was no one who took seriously. We invited the teachers of many madrassahs to come here and teach as well. Some Ahle Sunnah teachers came here to teach, we asked Shia madrassah teachers to come here and teach as well, but it was not possible for them. If they would have sat and found solutions to this, then this would not have reached here. We hope that there is seriousness in this.

First two mistakes have been done before, to put the madrassah on jihadi stream, then they defamed as second mistake and now they want to do 3rd mistake. The madrassah’s should be confined to law and accountability of the results which they are producing should be there. The people should also take this seriously and Madrassah’s should give the results publicly.

In Iran the government of scholars also did not take the Madrassah in their control and it is still separately running, though registrations are there. But on the name of registration if they take this forward it would be highly damaging loss that will come and there is no conscience who will realize that why we did we such mistakes. There is no one taking any burden on conscience. You would not have heard any grieved politician on talk shows on TV. All politicians come in relaxed form. But this lack of conscience will destroy the country and community. The Pakistan community needs seriousness, Jidd and Jahad in every field. If they had seriousness then we would not have reached this state. This is the stuation which we all are watching.

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