Political Markaz - Ugliest, brutal act of victimizing teachers in revenge

Ugliest, brutal act of victimizing teachers in revenge

Ugliest, brutal act of victimizing teachers in revenge

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Another issue related to Pakistan is the political instability which is increasing day by day. In this political instability one reason is the revengeful behavior of the current government. First it was at the level of politicians. The politicians when they create problems for each other, they don’t mind it when one group comes and places another person in prison. This is something ordinary in the unethical Pakistani politics and is not astonishing. This revengeful behavior of government has gone out of control and has reached a grievous state. In last few weeks one very ugly thing which has happened is that three retired vice chancellors of Pakistani Universities have been targeted. These are the heads of these universities. One is Punjab University, Lahore; the second the VC of Sargodha University and third is some other university. The NAB organization which is made for accountability for some reasons whereby these VC’s removed someone from job and got someone in job they formally arrested these heads of university. They were dragged like criminals, dumped into police vans and thrown into prison. This is a very lowly, abased, and most ugly thing done in this government.

We are all Pakistani community and we all know what we are. Everyone does fraud in the name of religion, business, trading, education and everywhere. The system of Pakistan operates on fraud only. There is no one who can say that they don’t do this. The one who denies fraud he is also doing fraud only. Once I came from Qom to here, in Quetta I saw there was a campaign against bribing. There were boards, chalking all over the city and there were Hadith placed all over. I was very pleased that someone has raised his voice against some evil. I like it so much that I discussed about that and referred to it in one general majlis. I appreciated it and one person stood up and said this campaign has been done by our department and we have taken bribes from the government department and given bribe to contractor. All departments have lies, corruption, in every segment of traders, lawyers, education institutes, hospitals and everywhere this is going on. Those who are catching are bigger criminals then those being caught. This country has this general culture. Since at individual level there is no training, there are issues in personalities. But in the same culture, there is one more topic that is of status.

There are certain topics, titles which has status. The person migt not be important but the title has status, respect. Like Alim e Deen, Imam-e-Jumah, Ustad, teachers are all respectful titles in both secular and religious world as well all over. A teacher is always looked upon in a respected manner. Though there are certain individuals who do not carry the worth of being teacher. But this title is respected. But if a head of an education center, who has served for years and everyone testifies his knowledge, his services and there are hundreds, thousands of teachers who fall under him. The NAB department which has been made active where there is a revenge politics behind it. They have been catching people and now they have put their hands on teachers. They put their hands on the Sargodha University head that he did not take care of some law, policy in one of his speeches. If this was the case, then send notice but sending police, arresting him, with handcuffs and presenting him in court. This is a wild, beastly behavior in this country and no one raised their voice on this. This is a condemnable act and with this we can realize the personality of the rulers. In Quran also this is there, when tyrants become rulers they make dignified as disgraced and disgraced as honored. In a tradition of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) also, when cursed, abased persons come into power, they disgrace honored people and make disgraceful beings as honored. The government in which the hats of teachers are not secure and that too not ordinary but the head of a national institute being treated as a criminal lifts the veils from their reality as to what kind of people we are confronting. Like there is a famous sports player, actors who do something wrong, crimes but since they have a popularity in the country; they run formal cases on them, they are treated like normal citizens. They are not presented as criminals, dragged, disgraced and that too teachers of big institutes. They have thousands students and they also did not realize that and made any protest. Some columnists wrote in habitual manner. There should be a movement done and Chief Justice has taken notice and suspended the director. But this was not the work of that director, those at the back who have disgraced the teachers. Those who have given instructions to disgrace people who are not as per their thought. This is hateful, spiteful thing done in Pakistan and is very shameful. As such there is not much respect for teachers, some they have lost on their own, and some by community and now the rulers are also doing the same. In this country the most respected people are Generals, then bureaucrats and others. The teachers come in the last category. The status of teacher is such that it is very hard for a teacher to get a girl in marriage. Then above this, they are presented and moved around as criminals; it is worth condemnation.

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