Political Markaz - UAE Prince visit to Pakistan should be questioned

UAE Prince visit to Pakistan should be questioned

UAE Prince visit to Pakistan should be questioned

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In last week the crown prince of UAE visited Pakistan and it was a shady visit, which media presented also. But was not clear how it was. When he came was welcomed warmly but while returning he returned silently in unpleasant way. So we don’t know what happened. In February, Bin Salman is visiting Pakistan and he is giving honor to Pakistan.

May Allah protect the rulers of Pakistan and we hope he should not bring the same squad which he sent to Turkey. Our journalist should also be careful. This butcher is the biggest tyrant of the world history and now he is coming to Pakistan and big preparations are being done. That person whom the world has accepted that he is a murderer and in order to gain respect he is visiting all over the world.

For Arabs Pakistan is a wild forest, park where they come for entertainment. Certain months before the expensive cars of a Qatar prince was found in the garage of Rawalpindi. They caught that person because Qatar and Saudi Arabia has issues, so a case was made. This shows that a Qatar prince has kept so many expensive cars in Pakistan for fun. This is the season in winter, where they come for hunting birds. There is a restriction on this hunting by court, but they get special permission to do hunting of these birds and rare species animals. They come here, put their tents and have made Pakistan an entertainment place. The consider Pakistan also as targets for victims. When the Arab rulers come to Pakistan; they are not coming to give respect to Pakistan. They come to Pakistan as a market to buy. This was the reason as I said that the PM statement was good that Pakistan will not become a gun, and will not become a tool.

First time someone has given such statement. When we don’t want to become rented, then for what are these crown princes coming here? To take what? These princes have attacked Iraq, Syria, Yemen have done killing. They are gathering forces against Iran. This does not gives any sense to Pakistan. Why the kings, effective persons come here? Why these tyrants come here? This visit of Bin Salman which is coming for the journalists as well, they should raise this question, that when you are visiting Pakistan for what. They expect from Pakistan to support on their fronts.

The past government made the law that we will remain indifferent to the fronts of Arabs. The journalist’s ae silent about them. Bin Salman is involved in murder of Jamal Kashoggi in a brutal manner that even America was shocked. The statements of this journalists could not be listened by even trump, on how brutally they killed him. The American congress has answered accountability for this. Our Journalists should also question him. He has done big tyranny and bigger than this he has killed Sheikh Nemr and killing of Shias.

In last week in Qatif the Saudi forces have martyred 8 Shias. The city has been emptied and they are living in huts. He is coming with bloody hands to Pakistan. This is grievous that why they consider Pakistan as a market. When our PM says that Pakistan is not a land of rent, we will not do anything on rent for others. This statement of PM should be translated in Arabic and printed in newspaper and posted on Airport so they can see when they land that Pakistan is not a rented gun and not a tool in someone’s hand to fight the war for others. All should keep the respect of this.

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