Political Markaz - Two major crime and Trump’s support

Two major crime and Trump’s support

Two major crime and Trump’s support

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Two major crime and Trump’s support 

When Trump became President, he did the first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia. This never happened in history of America. They always do first trip to their friendly country or where their policy becomes clear. Trump even though in animosity of Islam he did the first trip to Saudi Arabia, an Islamic country. . Then he said that in one night the money which I have accrued for America which the previous government could not do in ten years.

Obama could give that much benefits to America in ten years which Trump did in one night. He sold weapons, asked him to transfer money to America in various context. MBS has to make many towns of entertainment, amusement parts and till 2030 he has to modernize Saudi Arabia and he will bring all corruption from Europe and America to Saudi.

America will keep him till he has the last penny. This regime will end, that is for sure and MBS will also end like Marwan Hemar (donkey) who died in the battle with Abu Muslim Khurasani. Marwan was fighting on the horse, he got the urge for toilet. He could not control, he went down to sat somewhere and he was killed in that state and could not even put up his pants. Then a proverb was made, that one entire Sultanate went away for urination. Ale Saud will also end with this Salman Hemaar. 

He is the most defamed, filthy person due to killing of journalist and also for brutally in Yemen. The UN has issued this formal statement despite of resistance of USA, that Yemen has been victim of inhuman brutality and oppression going on. There should be a legal case on Saudi in international court of justice which is in Holland. The UN has issued this mandate.  


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