Political Markaz - Turkish forces invade Kurdish region in Syria

Turkish forces invade Kurdish region in Syria

Turkish forces invade Kurdish region in Syria

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In Syria an important turn has come whereby Turkey has formally attacked Syria. They have attacked Afrin province in the Kurdish region; the Turkish forces have entered there and taken over the town. Since America after the end of ISIS is raising the issue of Kurdistan and it is their plan to divide the Kurds of four countries. Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey is where Kurds live and they have a big population and all the four countries the Kurds need freedom. America was not a supporter of Kurds before as these countries like Iraq, Turkey had state authorities in favor or America but from the time these countries don’t have government that admire America; they have started the Fitnah of Kurdistan. 

Since Syria is in the worst situation in the four countries, under state of war and ruined hence America is preparing Kurd force in Syria. When America announced this; Erdogan ordered the Turkish force in a big number to enter Syria. Since Russia is a supporter of Syria they have also not stopped Turkey from doing this. Russia wants Turkey to step inside this battle and America should also get trapped. Russia has a superiority now whereby in the past Russia was stuck and America used to apply pressure on them but it is opposite now; where all places where America is stuck Russia is increasing pressure on them and one of them is Syria. Russia is united with Turkey and Russians have signaled Turkey to do this and later Russia will take benefit from this. The benefit that Russia will gain is that Turkey which is a member of NATO they want to get them out of NATO. Since America and its allies are not happy with Turkey stepping into this and in order to punish them they will remove Turkey from NATO which would be a big success for Russia if Turkey is kicked out of the European Union and NATO. Then Turkey will become part of the Russian bloc which will make Russia stronger in the region. It is possible that the battle which Turkey has started might spread and other nations might also follow Turkey and step in; and could be more ruining than before. America will not just watch for long time they will show some reaction. Trump government at present is just criticizing Turkey but have not taken any practical step; it is possible they will take some step soon.

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