Political Markaz - Turkish Elections – Erdogan's steps towards Ottoman Empire

Turkish Elections – Erdogan's steps towards Ottoman Empire

Turkish Elections – Erdogan's steps towards Ottoman Empire

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In international politics, there has been elections in Turkey before time though the time for the government was pending. Rajab Teyyip Erdogan has got the election done before time and he became successful. These elections were meaningful because since before there was an elected government which had no issues or any objections; the opposition party also did not demanded for elections. In normal state the government called for an election. The reason was that in the current government structure the group of Erdogan though had majority but the power which he wants to do something inside Turkey and outside was not present politically. Hence he demolished his existing government, got the elections done and though he won the elections but what happened was opposite to what he expected. He wanted to become more powerful but his party seats reduced as compared to the last elections. In an astonishing way the opposition party of Kurds and Kurdish party who were his enemies supported him. He got the power which he wanted but he could not get that alone from his own party. He cooperated with the opposition party and got that power.

That power which I have mentioned before that Erdogan wants to repeat the era of Ottoman Empire. The Turks have governed the entire Islamic world for a long time which ended in World war and the Islamic empire got divided into small nations. Erdogan has this dream again that Turks should again come into power and become the leader, ruler of Islamic world. Erdogan has changed the direction of Turkey; as it was more secular before but Erdogan has steered it more towards Islam. Turkey was oriented towards Europe before but Erdogan has separated turkey from Europe and tried to make it intervene more in the Islamic world. Previously Turkey was not participating in international affairs but now Turkey intervenes and attacks nations which proves its plans for becoming an Ottoman Empire is very clear now. The day there was election and when he casted the vote he said that today the Ottoman Empire is again going to start. They had an opposition from Kurds but now during the elections they have allied and Erdogan has got into power.

Turkey has plans and before also Erdogan has taken highly aggressive steps. In the past the Turkish force was dominating power and had pressure in Turkey but now more than the army Erdogan is doing aggression. He has taken away the common rights of the people but the slogan he has raised is that Turkish people should dream about the same past. This is the psychology of the communities. The slave communities always steer towards slavery and never towards rulership. If you give a slave a crown and a broom and ask him what he wants to do; the slave will pick the broom and say I want to do a job. A slave even if he writes a poem he will only ask for job. His all privileges is getting a good job. The slave communities who have never tasted rulership then in their generations also they don’t think about becoming rulers. Those who have been feuds in the past but then got ruined; in their children you will still see some thoughts of feudalism even though they are penniless. There are other nations who have done slavery of feudalism but now they have been educated, got wealth but still that feeling of slavery is there in them.

Turkey have been a governing nation hence now again the dreams of rulership is coming in their heads. Turkey few years before has announced and they will play a big role in the international affairs. They have attacked Syria and even occupied one region of Syria. Similarly they have occupied one area of Iraq. Then he has eyes on Cyprus which is an island between Greece and Turkey. The situation will worsen over there and Turkey wants to become ruler over there. Similarly he will try to enhance his intervention in the neighbor region of CIS countries like Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan. This means the same Ottoman empire which Turkey had he wants to establish that. He is trying to influence Arabs. Turkey was one of the favorites of Ale Saud and supported them in forming ISIS but now Turkey is making their own independent system. Trump made a force with Bin Salman which got defeated and now they made a force with five big powers to attack one port on Yemen but they could not capture that port from those unarmed Yemenis. This force of 39 countries whose leader is a Pakistani and people have seen their achievements till now. Bin Salman keeps on planning various things like sometimes he plans to attack Qatar but he gets beaten everywhere. Turkey is now doing the planning and they are making a separate force from all Islamic countries. It is a formal announcement from Turkey which is in competition with Bin Salman’s force. He is making his own state and forces.

Pakistan was first a beloved for Turkey and Turkey was also beloved country for Pakistan but the relationship with Erdogan has ended all this love. Now for Pakistan the beloved countries are only China and Saudi Arabia. Turkey is out of that list because the politics of Turkey is dangerous for Pakistan. What Erdogan has done sounds dangerous for Pakistan, because the game which Erdogan played in Turkey will have its effect on Pakistan as well if Pakistan keeps good relationship with Turkey and the Pakistani establishments do not want the same change as that in Turkey to take place in Pakistan. Hence Turkey after these elections will develop more aggression. Erdogan has become a permanent President, though formally till 2028 but it looks like he will separate from Presidency only at death just like Zia ul Haqq whereby his attire becomes the skin. Erdogan has put this in the mind of Turkish people that when Turkey got defeated in the World War, got disgraced and then Mustafa Kemal Pasha again revived Turkey and made it a modern Turkey. Erdogan wants to take Turkey beyond what Mustafa Kemal Pasha did and they have full plans to do this which will disturb more the neighboring countries. Since in Turkish politics of Erdogan you have to take a different decision every day. One day he abuses Israel, next day he visits them. One day he opposes one country next day he makes a contract with them. One day he issues statement against Iran and next week he visits Iran. He did a conference and said that Iran is spreading extremism and we will not allow Iran to do all this. Next week he went to Iran and issued a statement that Turkey and Iran together unitedly will confront the world. Such a person who is having a new statement, politics everyday cannot be predicted. His temperament of world ambitiousness and becoming a Hero. The first rank heroes of Turkey the ‘Uthman I , similarly Mustafa Kemal Pasha and some other big names which made Turkey a power in the world, Erdogan wants to get his name written in that list. The way the President of china has got himself listed as a leader of China and not just President. This is a big status for someone to be lifted to the level of being a leader of nation. Erdogan is the President of Turkey and he wants to become a leader. Like Modi who is also having an ambition of world and if he wants to become like Gandhi then he will also trouble his neighbors a lot. Hence the neighbors of Turkey are in deep anxiety.

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