Political Markaz - Turkey and Israel sign collaboration agreements

Turkey and Israel sign collaboration agreements

Turkey and Israel sign collaboration agreements

Mar 11,2022 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

In Ukraine battle first it was Belarus and now Turkey is playing a central role  whereby today negotiations are going on in Turkey. The most important incident that took place in Turkey was the visit of Israel President visiting formally to Turkey. A warm welcome was given to him in the Presidential palace of Erdogan. Israeli president appreciated that it was unexpected respect and protocol given. They have both expressed that a new chapter in relationship between Israel and Turkey is opening up. The politics of Israel and Turkey are both of same style. They both do more acting, give more dialogues but the actual politics is different. They just want to show their dominance by big statements but practically they don’t do anything. Israel also has danger from their enemies hence they both make a lot of noise. The behind curtain diplomacy is highly disgraceful, they fall in feet and run their governments by begging. They pass on their experiences to each other. They have signed agreement for 10 billion $ trading and other military collaboration. Israel is a long stretch and they don’t have enough place for air bases. Hence all the training for Israeli air force from the beginning is being done in Turkey. The land force of Israel is trained in India whereby a big area in India is made exclusive to Israel. The Israel forces are unique , they are ethically corrupt, beastly without any morality. They have special quota of drugs, licentiousness, lusts are all freely available and this facility is given to them as attraction. India has made special treatment facilities. They had this facility in India before and after Modi came he has handed over India completely to Israel. Modi has asked solution for Kashmir from Israel. You can see what Erdogan is doing , who is claiming to be world leader of Muslims and Pakistani’s consider him to be Salahuddin Ayyubi.

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