Political Markaz - Trumps' Trade war with China

Trumps' Trade war with China

Trumps' Trade war with China

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As I said in the beginning of Trump’s Presidency that he has come for a trade war with China. He has started to do trade attacks on European Union, Canada and the last month has been the month of extreme foolishness of Trump. He has put taxations on China, European Union, Canada and sanctions on Russia. He has started a trade war which was his actual objective.  As I said that before whatever Trump is doing in Middle East is for preparing the ground for this trade war and to gain support. This is a big step which he has taken, and for us it might not sound significant but those who understand this trade point this is something very critical. America is the big economic power in the world, and their economic leadership and status has been challenged by China and China has become an economical power above America. China is now expanding their global presence politically and military wise. They are making their network and repeating their past legacy. They want everyone, everywhere to speak about china only and this was there before also, whereby everyone would go to China. Everyone you will see will be going to China and this was there in history. It is there in the Prophet saying as well, that to acquire knowledge go to China. At one time China was the center of the world and the same role of China has again repeated.  The current President is the leader and not just president. They are counting Jin Ping in the same category of Mao, whereby they have given him the status of leadership. He has taken that step to make China as the Super global power. In order to control China the goods that are going from America to China; America has applied heavy tax on goods imported from China. This will reduce Chinese goods in American market. He has applied taxes on Canada. He says these countries bring cheap goods and sell at high price and make more margin as taxes were low. Now they have to pay high tax. In return these countries have also applied reverse high taxes on non-American products imported in China. When such taxes are applied in China on American products whose big market is in China, as a result trade will fall in America and it looks like this would be dangerous for American economy.

But this accursed person who is a filthy person has announced yesterday. This person is a filthy person who runs casinos, night clubs and wrestling competition. They have made these wrestling so attractive that people in the world like these, like this Bin Salman is a fan of this Wrestling. Then he is big time in casinos and he made a Casino in Jeddah which was inaugurated by Imam E Kaaba. Trump has announced that 7 Trillion dollars deal has been done with Arab nations from Kuwait, Saudi, Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain. He said that this money would be moved to USA in next six months. All the losses that would be suffered by America due to Chinese trade falling down will be compensated by the Arabs under the context that Trump has to give protection, salvation to the Arabs from Iran. He has to protect bin Salman, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE from Iran and he is taking fees of 7 Trillion dollars for this. These are the foolish Arabs. He has told in OPEC that Arabs should sell more oil so that they can pay 7 Trillion. The capital of Muslims that is oil they are giving it to his accursed and the entire Muslim world is looking at it. Where are those now, who raise the slogans of Arabism, Haramain and why they are blindfolded now? This cow of Saudi was giving milk to Pakistanis also before but now you will only get cow dung. Why they are removing Pakistani from the entire Arab world that too with disgrace, because Trump has made this policy that it will not allow anyone to draw a single penny from the Middle East. He looks foolish and why America is tolerating him despite Hilary Clinton who got high votes. This is because he is going to bring money.

As we don’t have any favor to any politics in Pakistan, neither to ruling party nor to opposition but I am giving an example just for the sake of intellectual discussion as an example of trump. There is a question in the mind of everyone about the ex-leader of People’s party; Benazir Bhutto, as to why she married Zardari. There were many like Chaudhary Ehtezaz sitting on her door but all the offers were discarded and she married Zardari. One of her class fellow mentioned this on TV channel. This friend of hers asked Benazir after her marriage as to why you did not marry so many other good offers (from worldly perspective) and at the end married this person Zardari. As per her friend, Benazir replied that this was my need. As I had to do politics, and rule, against me were industrialist, politicians, parties, feudal and I don’t have any wealth, money to fight with them. That friend said that this person Zardari has no money as well as any power or big family. Benazir said that this is the reason I selected him because Zardari knows the skills of making money. And this was the right recognition because at present Zardari is the second richest person of Pakistan who has no means of income as well. He has no factories, farms, and industries but still he is the richest person of Pakistan. This is the talent of making money. Why America selected Trump? And not a smart old lady like Hilary. She did plastic surgery and American gave votes to her as well but still they made Trump as the Present because he has some abilities inside him. He can fight with opposition and milk a cow. A foolish president would also not do this to put the Trade of America in such big threat by applying taxes on so many countries. He himself said that this is a battle and I will fight and win this battle in trade. He will win this battle with the support of Arabs. All his eyes are on Arabs. All the losses he will fulfill through Arabs and he will suffer big losses. This foolish policy of Trump will move this evil shadow from the heads of the humanity and this way the entire world will get salvation from the tyranny of Trump and his allies who will all perish. This way the entire humanity will get salvation from these tyrants. Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Kashmir will all get salvation. I have mentioned very briefly this deep topic.

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