Political Markaz - Trump secretly enters Iraq on Christmas

Trump secretly enters Iraq on Christmas

Trump secretly enters Iraq on Christmas

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Apart from this, the topic which I have to mention is that this is the second Christmas for Trump. In 2018, 1st January he insulted Pakistan and first thing he did after waking up was to abuse Pakistan. Since we have high ethics no one replied to him, which means no one defended and remained silent under the fear of Trump. Again 1st January is coming, and we don’t know what venom he will spit. In this Christmas he took one unique step, he took his wife and entered Iraq without informing the Iraqi government and landed in Baghdad to meet the American army. We can see the situation of Iraqis now. As Trump can do all this. This is a big insult to Iraqi community, Iraqi leadership, people, ruler and country. It is a country, where people live, they have rulers and he enters that country like a thief. When a leader of a country visits some country there are some diplomatic communications. He did not consider this important. He landed in Baghdad and went to American camp and then Iraqi’s knew that a big guest has arrived. This is the status.

I have pointed out this many times and looks like this topic is not important for anyone. In Iraq Allah has given them a golden opportunity to Iraqi and they could have compensated their past crimes with this. From event of Ashura till today what they have been doing. But Allah gave them an opportunity that after Saddam, they got the opportunity to establish a divine system. They got a chance, there is leadership, 1000 yrs Hauza, scholars are there, sacred places of Shias, Karbala, Najaf, Samarra, and Kazmain is there. There is a lot of importance for these for Iraq then Iran, as there is only one Imam there for Shia. When they got the opportunity, in the vicinity of the place where Imams have stayed; Imam Ali (a.s) made his capital, and when the time came to establish the system, they did not do this. They opposed and condemned the system of Wilayat, and went to democracy and that too a strange type of democracy. Then what all happened there. ISIS went there and then these terrorists were also removed with the help of Wilayat and again they started to object and go against this system of Wilayat. After elections they could not make any government because they did not wanted to bring the group support Wilayat E Faqeeh to come in power. They selected the PM as per their choice.

Now after Trump coming there, they have been exposed. A corrupt person has come there and it’s an insult. And there you can see Wali e Faqeeh how he is like a shield against Trump. Last night Trump issued first statement that our forces will remain in Iraq and we have kept eye on Iran and we have to stay in Iraq and we have to stay this way. This is a sad news for all Muslims about the behavior of this person. Trump has broken the sanctity of Iran and has warned also. He has made cooperation with Russia. This is also because in Trump government Russia has played a big role. Trump is also oriented towards Russia behind the scene as he has good relation whose one example is Syria. In Syria Russia and America have come on one page. Hence Trump one sided took decision. The entire American forces, foreign minister were against trump that we should not come out of Syria, but Trump has signed that all American forces should come out of Syria in 60 days.

Many senior persons, defense secretary resigned as to why we are getting out of Syria. The reason is that Russia and America have made this arrangement. The reason is that if Syria is handed over to Iran, Israel has threat and if they hand over to Russia then Israel is safe. For America to stay in Syria is impossible due to Iran and Hezbollah. Hence they don’t want Iran to be in Syria. Now Russia is finding ways to how to get Iran out of Syria. They were friends before but now situation is changed. When America is leaving Syria, it is not free, they have sold Syria to Trump and the price which they have taken is dismantling of Iran and Hezbollah from Syria and protection of Israel. At this price he has given Syria to Russia. He has taken other benefits also related to Ukraine and Russian region. He has given this statement last night along with his forces that we have spent trillion dollars in Middle East and the situation of security is such that I have to come in secret to Iraq. Now we will stop all support in Middle East and we will not play the role of policeman in ME and Europe. They should handle themselves. Trump coming and issuing this statement; then against this was the FM of Saudi has been changed by King Salman. The pressure which was there on King Salman on the Jamal Khashoggi case, these changes are happening. Adel Al Jubair has been taken away from the post and has handed it to over to Ibrahim Al Assad whom Mohammad bin Salman had arrested before and put into prison. He has done changes in Security Council. King Salman has changed the supporters of Mohammad bin Salman from there and placed new person. There is a Royal national guard to protect the royal family and they have changed the chief of that guard. All these people changes were workers of MBS and this deal is going on and SA has to do more and complete this JK case.

One more important step that has been taken is that UAE has opened their embassy in Syria. After fight of 7 yrs and they have opened their embassy. The Arabs are now normalizing their relationship with Syria

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