Political Markaz - Trump says we will stay in Iraq to control Iran

Trump says we will stay in Iraq to control Iran

Trump says we will stay in Iraq to control Iran

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Trump has issued a statement that it is time to come out of Afghanistan and Syria. He said we have achieved our goals and this is not our battle and it is of others so they should manage it. But for Iraq he clearly said that we are not going to leave Iraq. We will keep our presence there, our battalions, forces will be there to keep an eye on Iran and to control Iran from Iraq. Iraq is an important region, first they established ISIS there, which was removed.

Now the American forces are there. The way he went on the first day of the year in Iraq without coordinating with the Iraqi government and not taking into consideration any diplomatic protocols. He did not inform any Iraqi about this; and Trump has entered their country with a full force of commandos. This is a big insult to the country. The Iraqi’s did not have the courage also to ask as to why you come inside. He gave this statement that I have spent billions of dollars in Middle East and I had to come secretly to Iraq.

It was shameful for the Iraqi leadership, and this is their state that an outsider comes inside. But more than this shameful is this statement that we will stay in Iraq, we will keep our forces there, to watch Iran and to control Iran we will sit in Iraq. This is shame for the people of Iraq. It is different what Iran has done for Iraq. The have got rid of ISIS from Iraq. Every Iraqi should be grateful for Iran. When ISIS was butchering Iraq, they were beheading them, and a Takfirist state was being formed and Iran came to help you and given you salvation. If they do not realize the worth, then at least see what Trump is saying that he will sit in Iraq and control Iraq.

Iran knows how to handle America but what should be the role of Iraq in this. The one who gave you salvation you are allowing their enemy to sit in your country to control Iran. The world’s biggest American Embassy is made in Baghdad where 40,000 personnel can stay there. This force will stay there to attack Iran. The Iraqi’s should retaliate on this and it is disgraceful to remain silent on this statement and to tolerate America. This is against dignity of Iraq. 

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