Political Markaz - Trump says Modi wants mediation in Kashmir

Trump says Modi wants mediation in Kashmir

Trump says Modi wants mediation in Kashmir

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One populistic statement which Trump gave was that we want to become mediator for Kashmir. He said Modi has also requested me to become mediator which India denied. India is firm on this point from the beginning that we do not want any interference or mediation in Kashmir issue from anyone.

Many countries have offered themselves to solve the issue of Kashmir but India is not allowing anyone to come. This is because the Indian stance on Kashmir is very poor and from all perspectives India is in a defeated state in Kashmir. This is a Satanic tactic and weakness of Pakistan diplomacy in understanding this. If you see politically or from any perspective there is no justification for India to seek any mediator on the issue of Kashmir.

The situation now has changed a lot practically as the current Indian government is not ready to keep Kashmir as an usurped territory but they want to deal with Kashmir like Palestine.

What Trump has said that Modi has asked him to interfere I also personally believe that Modi has said this to Trump to mediate in this matter. The Pakistani media is very happy and this they consider as a big gift which is coming in media that Kashmir issue has been made global. But I believe that the most dangerous thing in this visit is this issue of Kashmir. When a Satanic person like Trump becomes a mediator in this issue then what will happen? Modi has also told him for this reason only, as he has not told to anyone else to mediate. This is because there is no filthy person like Trump. He has done mediation.

Do our journalists not know and few months before he has mediated between Palestine and Israel? That mediation was to give Israel all their occupied lands and those places which are not occupied by Israel should be sold to them with the money of Arabs and Palestinians should go to Egypt. The deal of century which was made by Trump and his son in law and was presented in Bahrain conference.

Why Modi offered Trump for mediation? This was because Modi has seen what kind of mediation Trump has done for Palestinian. Even Israeli’s had never thought that Golan would become their part but Trump did this and said as well. He said that we will move Embassies to Jerusalem and he did. Kashmir is like a paradise in the region and very soon Modi government will move their political capital to Kashmir.

Kashmir is the most beautiful region in the world from all dimensions that is tourism and other perspectives. If you see all the beauty that is presented from India is from Kashmir like even in movies. When Kashmir will become capital of India? It will happen when Trump will announce that we are making American Embassy in Kashmir and he will do that as well. We are becoming happy with this mediation and certain Kashmiri leaders are also happy that Trump has presented this offer. Why have Kashmiri’s not understood this as to how come this Satan mediate for Kashmir when we know what has happened with Palestine.

I am telling you what will happen if Trump mediates. All Kashmiris will be asked to move to Pakistan, and Kashmir should become capital of India, the first Embassy of USA would be made in Kashmir. Land will be purchased from Pakistan to move Kashmiris there and this payment would be done by Arab countries so that the Kashmiris can settle somewhere. To ask this Satan to do mediation is beyond understanding. We forget that it is Satan government, Satan Cabinet, Satan White house and we forget the Satanic dimension of America. When you are making connection with them then think that you are going to meet Satan.

Trump before going, has done two things in Pakistan. One is taking control of Madrassahs and second was the arrest of Hafiz Saeed and banning of certain outfits. These were the gifts which was presented by us to Trump prior to the visit. What they were asking us to do since years like to catch a particular person but they were not doing. Now they want to blacklist Pakistan in FATF because you are not controlling terrorism. For this they want to close down Madrassahs. This shows that this government is obedient to Trump and they are ready to do whatever America is asking them to do whereas our predecessors were not doing it.

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