Political Markaz - Trump’s threats makes Roohani Revolutionary

Trump’s threats makes Roohani Revolutionary

Trump’s threats makes Roohani Revolutionary

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America has started certain type of wars. In Middle East they have a fundamental role in all crisis. They are creating fear in Arabs against Iran. In order to tackle Iran they are putting restrictions on Iran and trying to lobby international institutes creating panic in Iran. They are taking compensation from Arab states for all this. With China the tensions are increasing. As Trump has announced for trade war with everyone in the world. First he has opened two fronts in this trade war with China and European Union by applying taxes on goods coming from China and Europe to America. This means these things will become expensive in America and hence the demand for these goods will reduce in the American market and this will give an economic impact on China and Europe. With this he has also included Turkey as well. America has applied pressure on certain countries more on oil imports from Iran. Though he has threatened everyone to stop buying oil from Iran by November this year. They should not be also selling to Iran all what they have been doing. In November America is going to impose new sanctions on Iran and all those countries who work with Iran will also come under secondary sanctions. In lieu of this many Europe companies have stepped out.

This was a big mistake by Iranian government from the beginning of the nuclear agreement. This was a wrong step which they took as a result of wrong analysis. After the nuclear agreement rather than giving more opportunity to independent nations they gave more business to European companies. In a way they enticed them that Iranian market is open for you and thus they wanted to make them their companions and gain their sympathy. The result has been that European companies have come under American pressure and have terminated their agreements with Iran. Many companies have left Iran and some are waiting for their agreements to end and then they will walk out. At that time when the nuclear agreement was done, and some relaxation was given; then Iran should have given more opportunities to independent nations to come and invest their capital instead they gave opportunities to slave countries of America and this was a big mistake which Iranian economists did and the outcome of that can be seen now, that all those European nations are leaving all agreements and are also bearing losses.

They should have done more agreements with China, Russia, India, and Turkey who are independent nations who look at their own interests and not America. If their interest is with Iran they will trade with Iran and if with America they deal with America. If they would have been given more opportunity it would have been better. In this Turkey was also there who was buying oil. All the others who were under American influence. Korea and Japan were big customers who left buying oil from Iran. The big oil customers left out for Iran are China, India and Turkey.  America has now put more pressure on these three countries; India, China and Turkey as well to stop buying oil from Iran. If they do this, then Iran will not be able to sell oil and as their economy is oil dependent, the economy will fall. As such due to restrictions the economy of Iran is under trouble and if the oil exports stop from Iran then whatever Trump desires becomes a possibility. That is if the oil economy of Iran stops then God forbid the economy of Iran will become zero and then it will become unbearable for people and people will raise in rebellion against the government and situation would become dangerous. The rebellion which Trump desires can then become practical. This is his attempt.

Against this attempt of Trump, China has given a blunt reply that we are independent and we will trade with whomsoever we want and we will not listen to your dictation. They only go after their own interests. At present it is in interest of China to buy cheaper oil from Iran. Similarly Turkey also said we are free in our trade and will not listen to America. Turkey is buying Gas also from Iran and during winter they need more energy from Iran and also being an industrial nation they need energy. It is not that Turkey is the partner of Iran or likes Iran because the biggest trade partner of Turkey is Israel. India is also a trading nation who only cares for their interests. Amongst all these trading nations India is the shrewdest as they do not buy oil from Iran but instead take oil free taking advantage of their situation. India wants to make some ports in Iran for their own benefit but not giving anything to Iran. America has warned India also to buy oil and India is in a difficult situation now to take a decision as they keep on buying oil from secret routes.

There is open enmity between Iran and America which was there since revolution but now there is open public enmity being expressed with Trump. Trump has broken the nuclear agreement and trying to apply restrictions on Iran. This action of Trump has given some positive effects on Iran. The first big effect was on President Roohani, who has his second tenure. In both the tenures his policy was not revolutionary and there was conflict between him and the Leader. He was presenting very soft, smiling diplomacy, just and moderate in front of West. He said also that he wants to do a smiling politics. His Foreign minister would go there and smile, and he would be soft, smiling on various issues coming from west. This was his raw thought that this way Europeans and West will become their friends. He was giving this impression that due to revolution and tough policies of Leader Iran has been cut off from the world but now is the time for friendship. He made this atmosphere which was very harmful. He did the nuclear agreement and considered this as a big success by rolling back his atomic plans. The Europeans took the opposite effects and considered Iran as weak and Iran cannot show resistance, perseverance in front of them. And now they need Europe and America support and cannot survive. They are just filthy people that whenever they see a nation weak they dominate. They adopted more hardness and stubbornness.

Iran said we agreed on nuclear and atomic, they came back said that you stop your missiles program, then shut down IRGC, and then support to Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestine. They kept all these proposals and then the most shameful thing which Trump said was to end the Wilayat e Faqeeh system in Iran and make it like American democracy. Then also Roohani thought that we can show a merciful face of Islam to them. And Trump pounced on them. When trump has shown his beastly nature, this impression has ended in Iran that they cannot become soft without smiles. They are very filthy which the Leader has said from before that they are not worth negotiating and they will deceive. But they had made the situation at that time as the Leader wants to put the nation into hardness and President Roohani wants to develop the nation. Thus Leader said you experiment and see and the outcome was the same as now. Now they changed their tone and want to cut off Iran from the entire world.

First they were taking support from UN but now Russia, China are with Iran. Now America has only got out of this agreement and they alone want to paralyze Iran and this system of Wilayat e Faqeeh in Iran. For this he is threatening on everything and the most important step he wants to take is to end all oil exports from Iran. As a result President Roohani has become revolutionary; we don’t know if this is temporary or will remain forever. The Leader has been saying that our survival is with the revolutionary spirit and the day we leave the path of revolution we will die. This is what they did, they did this foolishness and America came on their head. Now the President has given a revolutionary statement, and it is the first time he has given such a strong statement. Prior to this he has given all weak, loose, timid and cowardly statements with pragmatism. It is the first with extreme courage he has threatened trump that if Iranian oil does not gets sold, then the oil of any country will not get sold. This was an earthquake, blast across the world which President Roohani did and this was appreciated by everyone in the country.

Then when trump replied and threatened to destroy Iran. The commander general of IRGC, Qassem Solaymani replied to him that you don’t need to talk to our President, I am enough for you. Iran has a very strong strategic positon with them that is Strait of Hormuz. This strait is that sea are which is quite narrow around 20, 21 kms. It is the same like Babul Mandab which is also a strait. Since this is a strait, and the depth of the sea is in the center, it is easy to close. Since the shores are near, then even ordinary weapons can become danger to the ships passing through. Even if forces or ordinary persons start to fire on these ships, then no ship can pass through this. President Roohani said that if Iran is stopped from selling oil then it is not that Arab nations can sell. He said it is not that only Strait of Hormuz which we will close, there are many other straits which we can close. Babul Mandab is the Strait under Yemen control which ends up in Suez Canal at the other end. In Yemen there are Iranian sitting and they have not just threatened but have practically taken a step to bring down a Saudi Ship. As a result of this Saudi has stopped using the Red sea, due to which oil shortage will come across the world and inflation will go.

Sipah e Quds, is the force that fights outside Iran. General Qassem Solaymani threatening that I will fight with you, Trump. The commander of IRGC is General Jafri, but the statement was given General Qassem Solaymani, this means this war will be fought outside Iran. It would be fought on American posts outside in Arab states. American bases are there in Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and they have embassies and other bases in these countries. General Qassem Solaymani Coming out in the field means this war can start and if this proceeds then all the trading routes will stop. The Suez Canal which is also the life line for the trading routes. Since Iranians want to go outside and do something which means they can do anything. America and everyone has taken this very seriously. As such the Red sea was a dangerous route due to Somali pirates and they have made the routes insecure. But IRGC has high experience and it is an organized force with their wings as Hezbollah and Yemen. They are telling America that you will come here and do aerial attack. This is the current position and the most positive thing which Imam and Leader says is that these threats and hard steps of enemies against us is always positive for us. The first effect is on President Roohani that he has left his disgraceful smiling attitude and become revolutionary and told him that we will disgrace you in a such manner that no one will dare to think to confront us so do not step on lions tale. The track on which President Roohani was bringing in more dangers but Trumps actions and statements have made him revolutionary. This is good that though he could not become revolutionary with Leader’s guidance but has become revolutionary with Trumps threatening.

The same pressure of America is also on Turkey and Turkey has refused. America has warned Turkey that we will put heavy taxes on the goods coming from Turkey to America. In reply Turkey has said we will also apply taxes on goods coming from America. The way China has started a trade war with America. In Europe sitting in the EU gathering Trump has announced that EU is our enemy and Europeans are also regretting that his crazy person is about to drown them and they also want to get rid of them. But all these have common enmity with revolution even though they have rifts amongst themselves. Like at present German Chancellor is very upset on Trump; France President has opposed Trump severely but when the enmity of Iran comes they all unite. This is the situation of the war and new possibility of changes are there in upcoming days to see in which direction this goes.  

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