Political Markaz - Trump’s new policies for saving America

Trump’s new policies for saving America

Trump’s new policies for saving America

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Trump has made his aggression reached the peak. America has been a super power for a long time for the world. Now this leadership role of America is becoming poor and is falling down. In order to save their leadership position America has got down their wresting champion, Trump in the field. The actual business of Trump is WWF (wrestling club). He does two filthy trading; one is this wrestling and second is woman trafficking. In order to stop the Chinese aggression in trade, but in reality to save America he is trying all the efforts. Even if they are not able to secure their global position of being super power but at least they should save their position within America. Now it is becoming very difficult to save its provinces. In order to save this, the aggressive steps which America is taking; he is changing the American constitution which was previous listed as secular, liberal; he is changing them to Fascism. He has already restricted seven countries nationals that they should not visit America but on other countries also there is hardship. The American countries like Mexico, Venezuela are also under hardships. He has put restrictions on Asian countries that they should not come. In America; non Americans are more than American. On the outward he looks crazy but he is playing cunning politics.

One thing they have done is that all those organizations which they were supporting to have stopped the support. They have stopped all the aids to UNO, UNICEF. He has stopped all subsidy to Europe and he is not giving subsidy to anyone other than Israel. The organization of Abbas Mahmoud has been closed with all aids and they have also closed down their office in Palestine. Trump has blocked the aids to Pakistan due to which Pakistan is suffering. He has changed his trade policies and increased the tariffs on all international trading. This means the falling power is not able to maintain its position in front of a monster china. China has become such a big technology and economic power that America is not able to confront it. If you want to investigate then there is an American state called Michigan and specially there is an industrial state Detroit which has become completely secluded. This was the artery of America which has been ruined and not done by terrorists. The hundred story buildings have become isolated and people have left those from the time China has taken over the economy. Its neighbor Canada was like a slave to America but he has imposed Tariffs there as well and spoilt the relationship.

In fresh news, there was a law in America from which Pakistanis mainly and many others took advantage of it. The law was that any child born on American land will become American nation. People would get married in other places and would give birth to child in America. This way the moment child was born would become American national. Trump said this was an incorrect law and this way many useless persons get married, come to America and give birth to child. The American’s as such do not give birth to child, and only incidentally someone gets born. They are now trying to produce children in factories using cloning. When man gets married to man how the children will get born. They want to do cloning in factories and now those who go there to get a child born, he is terminating this law. This way now if outsiders go there to give birth to children, the nationally would not be given and they will be thrown out. According to me personally this is a good law made; whether it benefits USA or not but others will get benefits specifically those whose nationals are running there. I wish if Europe could also do that so that the people from other nations can build their own country.

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