Political Markaz - Trump’s Mad Man policy and conspiracies behind exit plan

Trump’s Mad Man policy and conspiracies behind exit plan

Trump’s Mad Man policy and conspiracies behind exit plan

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The global issue which is aggressive now, is the issue of Afghanistan. In Afghanistan America has done several negotiations with Taliban. In the second or third round; they have agreed to some initial agreement that America will leave from Afghanistan along with all foreigners. As I have pointed before, that the new situation being formed in Afghanistan is very complex. It is more serious than the Afghanistan of 1980. 

In these 40 years whatever has happened in Afghanistan, the same instability is entering into a new phase and this is a more dangerous situation being formed. Trump has accepted that he is leaving Syria despite of opposition of Pentagon, ministry of Foreign affairs and opposition by Generals. He has openly said that we will not fight the wars of others in Middle East. We will fight our own wars now. This is announced by Trump. In Syria he is getting his forces out. On the second step he has announced to move out of Afghanistan. The global analysts have expressed, that they have also become victim of confusion by Trumps politics. It is very strange for them that how America all of a sudden is getting out of Middle East and Afghanistan. Now USA will leave these states on their own and other powers will come. It is not like this. 

The way Imam Khomeini (r.a) has given this title to America, that they are really a physical Satan. It is not for condemning America we are titling him as Satan. This is not just condemnation statement, but it is a trait which Imam has mentioned. Imam Khomeini (r.a) has expressed this trait as something present in America and not for scolding or just insulting them.

The reality of America is Satanism, its sperm and foundation is Satanic. The way America was formed; all those who are in America now they are not Americans. There are four types of people present in America; European, African, American and Asian. If you go by colors, then white, black, brown and Red. The Asians are brown, the Europeans are white. From Turkey towards Atlantic is Europe. America is a continent on the other side of Atlantic Ocean. The white persons have gone there from Europe; they are not Americans. There are blacks, who are from Africa. Some came after migration and some were purchased as slaves. In the new America also they got them as black slaves. Then at the time of Abraham Lincoln; they were released from slavery. Then the fourth are red skins; which in the normal terminologies are known as Red Indian. They are not Indian. They are termed as Red Indian, because the first European, Columbus who left Europe to go towards India, and on the way in sea he went towards America in the Atlantic Ocean. When he landed on a particular land, they raised the slogan of India. They got acquainted with people there, the tribes. They considered them as Indians for several years. They were living there as Indian and they give them the title of Red Indians. They are the actual natives of America; rest all have migrated from outside.

At present there are many countries in the America continent, and USA is one country in that continent. These groups established there and they did oppression on these red Indians. They did tyranny on them, killed them as they had no civilization. They were in hunting and living in forests. They went from a civilized part of the world, where they had industries and they killed them brutally like chopping of grasses. They settled in that country and these red Indians ran away into forests. Now also there are few and under atrocities. If you read that history, then it is full of tyranny.  

Trump is also German by origin. When Imam said America is Satan, then this is a trait that the foundation of America is on Satanism. The new step of Trump to leave Syria, Afghanistan is not a time for celebration. For those countries who are around Afghanistan should be concerned. When Trump is leaving it is not after repentance, or he has accepted defeat. He is changing his Satanic strategy and taking these steps for some new big conspiracies. 

The places where he is not expecting quick returns, he has taken a U Turn. As our PM says that a sign of a good leader is that he takes U turn. Trump has taken U Turn not out of shame, but to reduce his own difficulties. The Ex representative of America in UN, the woman, has exposed in her book, that American media has intentionally spread this in the world, that Trump is a mad person. This mad person strategy is the American think tank plan to introduce Trump as a crazy person, to make the world afraid of him that he is crazy and can do anything, mainly to threaten Europe, Arabs. Those countries who take aids from America like Pakistan, they have made this mad person strategy. He can take any dangerous steps, like attack countries, etc. This woman has said this, that this was our strategy that we have to introduce him as a crazy person.

Trump changes his FM every 3 months, so that people can believe that he can do anything. Their ambassadors go everywhere to the world; and they have been told to make the world believe that Trump is crazy and he can be dangerous for your country, hence do whatever he wants you to do. This was very effective.

The Arabs believed it a lot. When a dog gets afraid, it pushes its tail within its legs, spreads its front legs, in a disgraceful position gets his near his master. This is the state of Arabs in front of Trump. Like a threatened dog they adopted this disgraceful state because Trump is crazy. They got this on top of Pakistan that Trump is crazy. Now they are appreciating Pakistan that Pakistan has done something in one month, which we wanted them to do in year. All this is done by Crazy Trump. The same way he got his impression on Europeans that Trump is crazy. Their ambassadors went to all European countries that Trump is crazy. When French president said that we want to make European NATO.

Trump was annoyed and their ambassador came to France that Trump is crazy and can attack and do anything.  This veil of craziness which he has put up to scare China and Russia and others.He was unveiled by that personality who took the trust from Roohallah Khomeini and proved this, that is Syed Ali Khamenei (h.a). This reply was given by him, that if Trump is crazy, then we know how to teach lessons to crazy and mad persons.

At the end Trump had to change this mad person strategy, now he cannot play this more. He has changed his style. It is not that American Satan is leaving Afghanistan, Middle East. He is leaving from there to implement his plan in some other region. In Iran there is a Loristan community, who fights with hands. It is famous for them, that during a fight, if he leaves and goes, then you run away because he has not running away from the fight, he has gone to pick a big stone, to break your head.

If Trump is leaving Afghanistan during a battle, then you should know he is going to do something dangerous. If he is leaving Middle East then he is going to do something dangerous. This previous strategy has failed, which was made by Bush and continued by Obama. Now Trump is changing that. Like Bush came and changed the policy of past leaders like Reagan, Clinton, and Carter. Bush came and changed the policy by attacking on 9/11 and all Saudi faces came in front and now Saudi is their best friend and cow. They did all this drama to trap this cow. Now Trump has come to change the policy of American think tank which was implemented by Bush.

The actual war is with China and the danger is from Russia. And America wants to break the China, Russia relationship. Trump is favoring Russia so that the China, Russia relationship should break. He wants to isolate china and then strike at them to bring China down. China has got America down from being a super power.

China has changed the minds of many nations. Like specifically America has complained to Pakistan that you have spoiled Pakistan so much that they stare at us, they do not listen to us, in the past they would do whatever on phone call. China has spoiled. China adopted a good policy for Pakistan whose worth was not realized by the Pakistan. In the current set up also there are issues developed related to Pakistan. When you have come towards China and they should remain with China and friendshipwith China is less damaging as compared to friendship with America. In order to isolate China, Trump has adopted a lot of plans. The exit from Middle East is to control his expenses and for an alternative policy. When Satan is living it is not due to defeat but to change its policy. Now for Iran, they should precisely look for the next plan which Trump is going to adopt with them.   

Trump had enmity with Taliban for such a long time, but now his friendship with Taliban would be more dangerous. Taliban was made by America with the help of Pakistani. Then the priority changed, and conflict of interest started. Now again negotiations have taken place. The warriors who are there in Pakistan if they would have fought for the interest of Afghanistan, their nation; then Afghanistan would have been the most dignified country in the Muslim world. They have always fought rented wars for others.

Now also what is happening is not the battle of Afghanistan, they are going to act like a Pawn. Every group is contented to some outside country.  In Afghanistan the forces are selected from outside and the Afghanistan fights the war between foreign countries on their land. The atmosphere which was being created, America was losing ground. The Russian, China, Iran alliance which was made was effective and this pursued Trump to change policy. Not that they want to leave, they want to become closer to Taliban. The biggest demand of Taliban which was there from America, should not be got here.

America the way they removed Al Qaeda and got ISIS; they wanted to get ISIS in Afghanistan but that was not successful. Now Taliban has become very powerful and even attacked the Intelligence head office. This means Taliban has extraordinary war power and that is due to external support. Trump has realized this that they cannot fight Taliban and it is possible that Taliban again becomes partner to America. They fight aginst Russia and then afterwards they became alliance to Russia.

Ahmad Masood went to Moscow and with the help of Russia they started war again. They fight against America and then can also become their loyalist. Taliban and Afghanistan groups do not fight for nation, Islam they fight for big positions, regions and outside Afghanistan merits. Their war lords have homes, wives outside like in India, Arab nations, Turkey and these are very expensive people. When America was telling Pakistan to kill Haqqani who was a supporter of Pakistan. This way Afghanistan has been divided hence it looks like after America leaving USA the next step would be very dangerous. America would not leave like this. In Iraq they removed their forces, but still they are present.

The world’s biggest American Embassy is in Iraq. They are keeping their dominance in that country. This new situation is very important for Pakistan and our security gets effected by this. Though our chiefs are attentive about it but they should focus on the new strategy of America.

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