Political Markaz - Trump’s Happy New Year greeting to Pakistan

Trump’s Happy New Year greeting to Pakistan

Trump’s Happy New Year greeting to Pakistan

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On the first day of 2018; Trump the accursed got up from his sleep; first thing he did was sat on his computer and issued the first message for Pakistan. That message was that Pakistan is a liar, they have cheated us, we have given 33 billion dollars to Pakistan to end terrorism but they have not done anything. This was the message on the first day of New Year which he has given. Since the first day of the year is a day of celebration for the Westerners. They give gifts, send greetings to each other but Trump did not start the year with greetings but instead threatened Pakistan that they are cheaters and have taken 33 billion dollars in 15 yrs and have not done anything. Yesterday he has given an ultimatum to Pakistan for 48 hours to start some operation else Trump will start his actions on them. This is an abnormal thing for Pakistan that those whom Pakistan has trusted behave in this manner.

The accursed step for Pakistan was when the delegation from Pakistan went to America around 1954 to start their friendship with them. From that day the destruction of Pakistan started which has reached here. The current Foreign Minister of Pakistan has issued this statement that on the instructions of America we have filled the prisons of America that is Guantanamo with Pakistanis. It is the worst prison in history which has been filled with Pakistanis and our Foreign Minister has expressed our services. We have handed over our airports, lands, depots and you started a war in Afghanistan and we handed over our country at your disposal. You made terrorists and put them on our back and now you are telling that we are not able to control them. This is the formal statement of Pakistani Foreign Minister as to what foolishness the Pakistan rulers have done on the instructions of America. Trump has said we have given you 33 billion dollars in last 15 years but what has been given 45 yrs before has been also much more. It is evident that people like Zia ul Haqq and Musharraf come into power; then they associate their illegitimate power with America and start to take funds from them. They rent out the entire nation to America with various excuses. Now Trump is asking accounts from them that we have paid you 33 billion dollars to end terrorism then why you are not doing it. The Pakistani community should also ask their rulers why you took this money and to take this money is a crime as you have sold the nation to them. They are all criminals who sold their country to a Satan for 33 billion dollars. This statement of Trump has increased threats for Pakistan.

We should pay attention to this fact that there was a slogan which Shia community taught to everyone but they themselves have forgotten it. That slogan was “One who befriends America, is a Traitor of Islam”. This is the outcome of that treachery. The natural result of friendship with a Satan like America is this only. The actual traitor is not Trump in fact they are those who have handed over the country to America but our community remains silent. They express a little in a fearful manner against Trump but those traitors of our country who have given all this to America they don’t do anything about them. This is not the first time America has insulted Pakistan and this has a big history on how much insult they have done and every time they have said anything about Pakistan it has been an insult only but they have not heard a reply single time from Pakistan; neither from community nor from the government or politicians.

No one replied because they are all lovers of America. All your rulers have dual nationality of America; their children stay there, they have bank account there, they have investments in America. They reach America on the second day of retirement. If some media, researcher can do this work to find out how many Pakistan rulers, Generals and patriots are in American after their retirement. Army Generals, court Judge, bureaucrats, Minister, President all after retirement go to America. Every children of this community are desperate to go to America. Those who are raising slogan of Anti America they are the first ones ready to go to America. We have accepted disgrace and Trump takes advantage of this disgracefulness of ours. He knows that he is addressing a nation who will not give any reply to any insults. And we have not given any reply. He has issued a statement on 1st January and today is 5th January. What have the Pakistanis done in these 5 days? The government has called a Cabinet meeting and decided that we will not rush. This is a disgrace. The same day they should have got the American Ambassador out from here and the Pakistani Ambassador should have been called back. The American Embassy should have been closed and all contracts, agreements should have terminated. America said that we will not give any aid from now on to Pakistan. It is natural that those who are fed on aid cannot do anything. You can see where all these aids go. One aid comes for government rulers, one comes for special defense forces and one comes for people as US AID. You can see the banners of US Aid on Shia homes as well. He is also eating the bread from US Aid, he is taking sugar, sheep from US Aid. When the belly of every Pakistani has US Aid; inside Minister, forces and scholars then Trump has the rights to insult. But a zealot, self-respected community does not feed themselves with such aids. We should throw this inside gutter and do not allow these aids to reach your localities so that they don’t do this disgrace to us.

The biggest tragedy of Pakistan is that there is no comprehensive policy for the country. We work on daily wages system and just think about today; we eat and then sleep and then get up next day to decide what we have to do. China, America makes policies for us. The financial institutions makes polices for us whether we should give birth to children or not. A community which is not having this much sense and for whom IMF tells whether you should grow your population or not then what rights do they have. When there is a policy, a goal, a system and then under that if we do the defense of our system. There are millions of unemployed youths who have no jobs, education systems, no plans or policies for using them somewhere and not even for national interests. They are left on their own state and private institutions are teaching them. The government has taken 33 billion dollars, so if you have taken this then at least you should have used this accursed money for some constructive work in the country. Two funding’s have become the basis of destruction for Pakistan; one is the wealth of Ale Saud and second is the funding of Trump.

The selfhood and self-respect of Pakistan nation and community can only get us out of this disgrace and not the politicians. The politicians are desperately hungry for the bones of power. They are hungry to this extent that they don’t realize what they are doing, what they should do for the sake of power. Look at the religious people what they are doing for the sake of power. They have become blind for power and they cannot give salvation to the community as they lack selfhood. This selfhood should get developed in the youths of this nation. These youths should develop this self-respect that we should not be disgraced. The rulers, politician eat the Mooney and we suffer disgrace. Pakistan is trying to reply on this; they will go to Saudi and ask them to plead to America and make them talk; then they will go to Britain to seek help or they will accept all the demands to catch so and so network and do what they do. But this is not the solution.

The Supreme Leader used to tell that if you listen to one demand of America they will force you to accept hundred more hence do not accept even the first demand from them. But the Iranian government also did not listen to the leader and accepted their demand on atomic negotiation and now they are demanding from them too stop missiles, stop supporting Hezbollah and now they even say that religious clerics should come out from government and end the system of Wilayat e Faqeeh. Do not arrest anyone on the instructions of America. If you want to break any organization do it on your own and not on the ordinances of America. You restrict some terrorist entity because they are threat to Pakistan and not for the sake of America.

At present Iran and Pakistan both are under the similar crisis. America wants to punish Pakistan for the sake of friendship with China. What should Pakistan do now? They should give reply to this insult and reply should be the same which Imam Khomeini (r.a) and his followers gave to America. Shaheed Beheshti gave a historic statement when America was perplexed and the American President at that time also was issuing such crazy statements. He said; O America become more and more annoyed with us to the extent that you die out of this annoyance. This was the same reply which the Supreme Leader again gave to America few weeks back when Trump tried to insult.

At present for both Pakistan and Iran the best reply which they can give to America both against their insults and conspiracies is in Afghanistan. At present America is under captivity in Afghanistan. The crisis which are there in Afghanistan then under that crisis they should give them a blow. If America can be beaten up somewhere brutally then that is Afghanistan. This is the reason Afghanistan is very important. America has already got all the Takfirist waste from Iraq, Syria to Afghanistan using Arab wealth. This 48 hrs. ultimatum which they have given to Pakistan and he has left it dotted as to what they can do. The will do Drone attacks, they will send commandos to Lahore and will take anyone out they want and Pakistanis will remain observing. Both Iran and Pakistan are undergoing similar issues from Trump. Trump is targeting both Pakistan and Iran but remember that his actual target is China. In order to reach China the countries that are on route he wants to first manage them; and they are North Korea, Iran and Pakistan. The interests of Iran and Pakistan are very close specifically as regards to Trump policy they are one; he wants to finish both; he is giving deadlines, warnings to both.

Today Trump has called for United Nations meeting related to the protests in Iran. At present Pakistan and Iran should have the same strategy as their enemy has the same strategy for them. They should adopt this action plan and Afghanistan is that place where America can be disgraced like Vietnam and even Afghanis can also get relieved from the terrorism. What kind of logic is this that you get all the terrorist from the world in one place? America has done this to go after Iran and Pakistan. The same way they gathered terrorists in Syria and Iran, Russia, Hezbollah disgraced them over there and now it is the turn of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. They can take help from China, Russia and give this accursed a lessonful defeat in Afghanistan so that they get destroyed there.

Ale Saud did one more thing that they called Pakistan rulers to Saudi on one phone call. They are always ready to come on one call. One day Mohammad bin Salman will also say that they have taken 33 billion from us but not done anything. Trump has said this already and similarly Mohammad bin Salman will also have to say this one day that Pakistan has not done anything for us. For the Pakistan rulers if you are taking Rials from Saudi, then take but don’t put Pakistan on the same direction as they want. Mohammad bin Salman wants rented people, labor, forces, and terrorists from Pakistan. He knows that entire Pakistan is on rent. This intellect should be there in Pakistan that they should not go on rent and don’t do whatever they want to do.


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