Political Markaz - Trump’s dirty plans and expectations from Khan’s visit to America

Trump’s dirty plans and expectations from Khan’s visit to America

Trump’s dirty plans and expectations from Khan’s visit to America

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Hence it looks like this visit will become the basis of more difficulties and many issues will come up in the country in future. Trump is not like Obama. Obama was doing the same Satanic work but Trump’s Satanic moves are much more matured than Obama. When Trump demands something from Pakistan it would not be like Obama. He asked for Afia Siddiqui or some terrorist but Trump will demand things much bigger and will come with much bigger motives. Trump is aware about the difficulties and crisis of Pakistan.

He knows about the internal politics, he knows how strong, weak is our government and opposition, and all other factors. Then specifically when Arabs are under his fist then he is thinking a lot for Pakistan and wants to get a lot from Pakistan. Just like before in some cases like Yemen where Pakistan was tried to be pushed in but Pakistan refrained from it officially in parliament and made a policy to not participate in any such things.

The PM has announced his policy for Iran which would be more dangerous than Iraq. Ideally, he should have said that if Iran is attacked, we will not tolerate but he expressed dangers about it. This means this opinion is present in Pakistan forces that if America entangles with Iran then Pakistan will get affected a lot. The reason is that they all want to stop that Nuclear bomb of Iran which is not yet made. It is very apparent that Pakistan is much bigger target than Iran.

Though Iran is an atomic power but not a nuclear warfare power and they have this verdict that it is forbidden to produce atomic bombs. And everyone including Israel knows that it will take time and around 25 yrs. if they continue on this activity to come to a stage of producing nuclear weapons. They have stopped that activity for Iran but in Iran the bomb is made, there is technology and we are atomic bomb. Our rulers should understand that when they have this much enmity with Iran who can become a nuclear weapons power then how much enmity they have for Pakistan who is already a nuclear weapons power.

This Satan whose support we want to take for economy, take aid and listen to all his other command as to what are their dangerous goals. The day it becomes possible for them they will try to steal, destroy or close down atomic power of Pakistan. They don’t like at all that Pakistan being a Muslim country is an atomic power. Since Pakistan is the only country which has atomic power hence this is a biggest obstacle in the entire Islamic world. They want to entangle Pakistan through various means and then act on their dirty plans.

This topic is very sensitive and there are many other dimensions which needs more elaboration which should be done in front of people and rulers, so that they can keep these in their vision when making policies.

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