Political Markaz - Trump’s cruelty with Immigrants on American border

Trump’s cruelty with Immigrants on American border

Trump’s cruelty with Immigrants on American border

Jun 22,2018 Comments Download

For the disgrace of America, Allah has intended to disgrace this Satan and its downfall has started. The signs of his descend which are there is Quran are coming up one by one. Amongst the filthiest act of this President one act which he has done is on the border of America where he gathered some immigrant families along with children. Then the cruelty he did was he took around 2500 infants from the laps of their mothers. He made small cages for these children which were worst then the cages made for animals. In every cage they have put several infant, children who are crying, yelling and mourning in these cages. They are treating the children in such a manner worst then animals and everyone is watching. This has happened to this extent in USA now that one TV Anchor lady from American channel went there to make a movie and cries there, though they are merciless people but she wept on live telecast. But this beast, carnivorous, devil, tyrant has issued this ordinance with his pen. If you don’t want immigrants then let them go, don’t keep them in your country. What kind of cruelty is this? That you separate infants, children from their mothers and the children and mothers are both yelling and dying. Such kind of barbaric Satan’s are hovering over the world.

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