Political Markaz - Trump invites Khan – Another card for elections

Trump invites Khan – Another card for elections

Trump invites Khan – Another card for elections

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This is the current politics which is ongoing in the country, in the same situation our PM is going for Ziarat to America, he has been called there. In this situation to visit USA and meeting Trump, when Trump is going to contest the next elections in 2020, and he has been defamed a lot in America. As per American 65% people are against Trump. Last time also he won by tampering the system.

In order for the American president to win, they have to make the people fool. This is in democracy where you have to fool the people. This was why Iqbal said, refrain from the style of democracy, because 200 donkeys cannot do the work of human being, so run away from democracy and go towards a firm ruling system. This has been said by the thinker of Pakistan that democracy is the name of this system. Democracy means to fool.  

You have seen Indian elections on how Modi fooled the people. Democracy is not that the people elect someone, it is the name of system who can fool the people more and he can become the leader. In America, the style and status of democracy is very high, the work of fooling people is done at a bigger level. 

To fool the American people the Muslims, play a big role. See how many presidents Osama made. You see behind every president the role of Muslims, behind Clinton, Bush and even this Trump what role Bin Salman played. You can see the role played by Osama, Taliban, Al Qaeda to make American president.

Now this Trump needs a drama, and till now whatever he did for becoming president all got wasted. He sent naval forces to threaten Iran, and he sent drone which was shot down. He ordered to attack afterwards and he called it back. 

Trump has no possibility to win now, as he has got distracted and defeated everywhere. To win the elections he needs new card. If he fights against Iran, he will be humiliated to the extent that his party might get wiped. He is playing many cards. He went to South Korea and then from border he went to North Korean president and had a photo session with him. They stood at one place and made pictures, there were no dialogues, negotiations and no understanding were done. He only shakes hands, since he got disgraced from Iran, so he wants to gain respect by showing that he has rolled back the north Korean atomic plan. 

The other card he is playing is like the three persons playing in the incident of Siffeen. In Siffeen when Imam Ali (a.s) said that lets not make the forces fight, let the leaders fight and let me and Muawiya fight and decision can be made. Amr ibn Aas aroused Muawiya to go and fight with Ali and close the chapter.

Muawiya taunted that I know your deception that you want me to get killed by Ali and then want to become Caliph. The same is happening in the gulf war. Netanyahu and Bin Salman are arousing Trump to fight against Iran. Sometimes Trump tweets that the attack will be done, then his advisors say we will be beaten, and tells Bin Salman and Netanyahu to attack. They are arousing each other but do not have courage to attack. To win the battle in Gulf, they will try all possible tactic. They have a lot of eyes on Pakistan because they have used Pakistan many times in the past.

At the time of Zia ul Haqq they have used Pakistan against Russia, then against Afghanistan and now Trump is dreaming to use Pakistan against Iran. For this we need to be clever in our government. If the same style which they have adopted internally and we do it for outside also then the situation would be very bad for us.

We should not be concerned about Iran as they have fought for 40 yrs. and they can fight this battle alone without anyone’s help. They are not afraid of anyone, and they are very strong.  The biggest problem and difficulty is for us. As per Iqbal, it is not strange that you are having the soul of Christ, the astonishing thing is that your sick is very sick. Everything in Pakistan is highly sick and we Pakistanis should think about Pakistan. Our PM should leave the defense of Haramain, there is no danger there. 

Do not let Pakistan used for making Trump fight election. Even for Iran they are fine if they do not support, though ethically as a Muslim country they should support. But if they are under pressure, then do not support and at least not allow Pakistan to be used against any Muslim country.

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