Political Markaz - Trump humiliated in Putin meeting

Trump humiliated in Putin meeting

Trump humiliated in Putin meeting

Jul 20,2018 Comments Download

One more important thing that has happened last week was the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. This meeting has become the point of attention for the world. In this meeting an astonishing thing has happened. America has been disgraced a lot in this meeting. American analysts and media have said that trump has disgraced America. In the past America would always get something in their favor in previous meetings but in this meeting Trump has given everything. One issue was about the election crisis of America where Russia played a significant role. During the elections, the Russian engineers hacked the American election system and they manipulated the votes, whereby Hilary had won but these hackers changed the decision in favor of Trump. This accusation is there on Trump and investigations are going on. First in the meeting with Putin he denied any hacking but later in front of Journalists he confessed that Russia has interfered.

America is feeling ashamed because with Russia their relationship is of enemies. Since Russia has suffered more losses from America and they want to compensate these losses. The shrewdest President which Russia has got till now is Vladimir Putin. He has been the President for eight years before and now again. He has given a lot of support to Russia and again made it a superpower, participating in global issues by stepping inside Syria war and he is acting with trust. The emphasis of Trump in this meeting was to get support from Russia in Syria where America wants to get Iran out. The pressure which America is making on Iran; Russia should not become an obstacle in that. They should get china in agreement as well to not support Iran and let the people in Iran rise and end the regime. This pressure Trump has kept in front of Putin. And against this the benefits he wanted to give to Putin was not much. Hence as per American media this was a failed meeting and no American President has been disgraced so much before in front of Russia.

One more possibility which is coming out as to regards to Trump from the time Trump was elected. Some special secrets of Trump are in the hands of Russia and Russia is blackmailing Trump. Some believe that Putin has some secrets of Trump which if Russia exposes the government of Trump will end today. Due to this pressure Trump is doing whatever Russia wants. Russia by heart does not desires Iran to stay in Syria; since now is the time to reap benefits from Syria after the ruins of war; Russia wants all this to happen through them. There is a diplomacy of Iran as well with Russia and with the analysis done till now, somehow Russia has convinced Iran to not take any such steps.

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