Political Markaz - Trump finds new way to milk Saudi cow

Trump finds new way to milk Saudi cow

Trump finds new way to milk Saudi cow

Apr 27,2018 Comments Download

America has presented a new suggestion, method on their plan to milk the Arabs and Saudi. Trump has given this statement that we are getting out Syria. They are not getting out of Syria, but this was just a threatening message to Arabs that we are leaving Syria as our expenses are very high there. In total America has around 400 marines in Syria and he is threatening that we are living Syria and you should handle yourself. These Arabs pleaded to him that you should stay there and not leave. Trump said that if we leave Syria then you cannot even withstand it for even five days hence if you want us to stay then you should take care of our expenses. Now Trump is taking all his expenses of Syria, Bahrain and steps against Iran from these Arabs. Now he is taking billions of dollars from them. First he called them as a cow. Since Trump himself is a filthy person he does not hesitates when insulting someone and uses the most abusive language to insult anyone. During election campaign he insulted many women which has got him into trouble till now. He is such a dirty person that during election campaign one women was taking his interview and when she went to washroom, he used a disgraced term referring to why she went to the washroom. He has openly said this on media. He is such a filthy, dirty, impure and devilish person. There is a book published about his scandal. In his first Presidential year a book has been published about him as to what he does at home. I feel ashamed to even narrate those in front of these kids here. This filthy person is doing dictatorship, he is abusing, threatening Pakistan, Iran and doing conspiracies against Shiite. He is a devil beyond limits. Few weeks back Bin Salman was in America, then he went to France, Spain and came back to do drills. When Bin Salman went to meet Trump in White house and after he left that room, then this news was given by the American senator. That when Bin Salman left White house, Trump instructed his cleaning staff to wash the chair on which he sat and also the entire room in which Bin Salman sat. He said to do this because Bin Salman is a dirty person who has lice in his hairs. He is a dessert Bedouin who has germs in his body and he is leaving those here. This is the status of such persons in front of those under whose instructions they are dancing, they are serving them, and they are fighting against Mahdaviat and killing Shias. Trump has said that without us you cannot even pass five days but does not likes Bin Salman to even sit on his chair.

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