Political Markaz - Trump exits from Iran nuclear agreement

Trump exits from Iran nuclear agreement

Trump exits from Iran nuclear agreement

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One more issue that is in the limelight is the exit of America from the JCPOA agreement. Trump since long has been threatening that he will exit which he has now formally announced that he has broken the agreement. Now America is not part of the deal and Trump is going to impose more sanctions on Iran. The previous sanctions which were suspended as part of this agreement would be again invoked and further more sanctions would be applied. The actual scenario is that America from day one wanted to finish this revolution but despite of all the efforts they could not do it and in fact all their attempts went against them and in favor of Iran. But now the situation has become such that they know that if they increase the pressure on Iran from outside then very soon a change will come in Iran. This is the actual issue. This devils triangle of America, Israel and Ale Saud are thinking this way.

You should be attentive that those religious groups on Pakistan who claim every day that they are ready to sacrifice their lives on Saudi Arabia but Saudi Arabia has openly done an alliance with Israel and is fighting against Islamic nation, Muslims. But their supporters in Pakistan are shameless and no one has even raised their voice that how Saudi has aligned with Infidels, Zionists, Trump to attack Iran. This is the shamelessness of their supporters and their conscience has died; they can see everything openly but are silent.

America has this estimation that Iran has become very weak from inside economically. In this situation the external pressure will be highly effective internally and an internal rebellion at the level of people would start. We have seen some examples of this before when people protested against inflation. In Iran at present Iranian Toman has fallen down to 6300. In Pakistan one dollar is 118 rupee and in Iran, the currency is at 6300 Toman. When economically a country comes under economic pressure, the currency falls down as there are restrictions on trade, local production will fall and things from outside will not come. The basic things will fall short and needs of the people will not get fulfilled. People will get frustrated and come out on streets to protest. This was the policy of some Iranian politicians who while sitting inside did this treachery. They have given this impression to Western powers that war with Iran is of no use. If you start the war all Iranians will unite. There are differences amongst Iranians but they will all unite when war starts. Like Revolutionary, non-revolutionary, nationalist, religious or other sects all unite when a community is attacked. Hence they say leave war and instead apply economic pressure. When economy tightens, people will get frustrated and come out on street. This is a very effective weapon against the Iranian community.

The Iranians come under such pressure very quickly and get frustrated because their standard of living is high. They are not like Pakistani who can eat onions, bread and sleep. The Iranians when they used to visit Pakistan would get astonished when they see Pakistani eating bread and lentils. Iranians don’t eat lentils and bread. In Iran they have a standard for poverty as to who should be classified as poor. Like today in Iran someone who is having a salary less than 1 million Toman is considered as poor. A poor person in Iran has a shop, house, and car but if his income is less than 1 million then he will be considered as a poor person. Since it is a rich country having oil, their standard of life is high. Due to wars there have been problems but still their standard of living has been very high. If we see Pakistan there are 90% population deprived of basic amenities but no one ever complains. In Pakistan they spend the full summer, which is extreme and scares Iranian but they spend this full summer without electricity. This is such a grateful community. If there is no power for 30 mins in Iran they will break the bricks of all authorities there. They have given three phase supplies to all homes. In Pakistan they do not come under pressure, they do not protest even if there is no electricity, gas. The Iranians raise their voice, protest and not remain silent. Now they have been made to realize that you deserve more. Trump is telling this very often in his speeches that you deservemore but due to revolution you are deprived. If you end this revolution you will get much better life. This is the dream he is showing to Iranians. There are such elements who are materialists who see that this pressure would give results. There is an atmosphere created for war, the agreement is also terminated, the economy is going down hence this is a scenario they have made by which under all this pressure from people Iranian leadership with submit.

If Iranian leadership was limited to the President and Ministers then they would have submitted ten times till now. One example of this was this agreement which they did. This agreement was a step backwards from their stance to get out from this pressure and now they are realizing that they have done a big mistake by trusting America. The Supreme leader also said that I have been reminding you from day one to not trust America as they are not trustworthy. But you have trusted them and now don’t take another disgraceful trust. Since the leadership there is perfect and pure. America has not estimated about the power, strength of Iran. Trump thinks the power of Iran are the voters. He is negligent from the actual power on which only a believer has faith.  A corrupt, filthy, lustful person like Trump can never understand the secret behind this power. The secret of that power is the System of Wilayat which they do not realize. Allah says that Wilayat of AmeerulMomineen (a.s) is a fortress and till the time you are inside this fortress you will remain secure. It is not that people are protectors of the system of Wilayat instead it is Wilayat that is securing the people and nation.

In yesterday’s speech of the leader, who is above 82, but look at his accent and tone how revolutionary it was. As he has said before also that I am revolutionary and not diplomat. When a revolutionary is pressurized he becomes more revolutionary but a diplomat, negotiator gets stressed and disturbed but not the one who has relationship with Allah. Wilayat is the protector of people and Allah is the protector of Wilayat. It is not the people sitting in the place of Allah to protect Wilayat. It is Allah who has to protect Wilayat and he has done till now. The first step was taken by Jimmy Carter and he carried out an operation in Tabas. He got disgraced and no one in Iran was aware as to what was about to happen and Allah destroyed this army of Abraha with an army of dust. Jimmy Carter cried in front of media and he said that it looks like God is also with Khomeini. That Allah is present.

Imam Khomeini (r.a) said the same to Ronald Reagan who was a film actor who became the President of America. He devised a plan and spread a news that Imam Khomeini (r.a) passed away. Since Imam was sick and did not come out in news for some days they spread this news that Imam Khomeini (r.a) has passed away and since Iranians do not have a replacement leader they are hiding this news. After some time Imam (r.a) came out and delivered a speech. He said I was listening to the news of my demise on BBC and radios that Imam has passed away. Imam gave a very interesting reply and said that your problem will not be solved with the death of Khomeini because your problem is not Khomeini. Your problem is Allah. Khomeini will die but Allah will not die. The same happened. Imam Khomeini (r.a) passed way but their problems are not solved and they are more in trouble then before now. We should ponder on this fact that at that time the revolution was within the Iranian borders. And Iraq was in attacking mode with Iran, Yemen was an ally to Saudi, Israel was dominating over Beirut and it was at that time Imam said that your problem is not Khomeini it is Allah hence you problem will never get solved. Today their difficulties are more because the revolution has spread out from Qom and Tehran.

They made a force of ninety countries against Iran but the revolution and the right hand of Revolution, that is Hezbollah disgraced these ninety countries in Syria and Iraq. Today Yemen, Iraq, Syria have come under the system of Wilayat. With these many restrictions has the revolution ended or grown? The revolution conquered the region. This is their panic now. Israel is now preparing for attacks on Iran but the reality is that they are victims of panic. If you had military minds then you would have understood this point. Those commanders, warriors who have thrown the ISIS backed by 90 countries were kicked out from Iraq, Syria in a disgraced manner and put Israel in danger. So what Israel is expecting that they can defeat this force? Or Israel is shivering at their hands. ISIS and Jab hat ul Nusra and Jaish ul Adal were powerful forces but they were all shredded by these forces, they cannot easily come under pressure. This has happened fist time that multiple rockets have been fired from Syria. The targets which they have made were all secret locations which Israel could not even think that they can reach up to here. They are under severe panic and making an atmosphere that they want to end Iran but their actual announcement is that someone who can save us from Iran and from these forces of Iran. That force who is victorious has very high determination and courage and it is not easy to beat them. Some elder has said that we don’t want this war but if it has to start we are counting days then we are ready to destroy them. Imam Khomeini has said that Israel has to be destroyed from this world of existence. This annihilation of Israel will not happen through magicians, it will happen only when the forces go there to destroy. But if Israel gives this opportunity to Iran to attack and destroy them; and if they do this stupidity then this good news will come very soon that Israel has been completely wiped off its existence.

In Iraq when Ayt Sistani gave the verdict then the Iraqi youths, Hashad us Shabi came out in the field and broke apart such a big tyrannical force of ISIS. This was not an order from Wali e Amr but a Marajae e Taqleed, Ayatullah Sistani gave a verdict that the youths should come out in the field and destroy this Takfiri force. If Israel attacks Iran then this would be an order from Wali e Amr. And when Wali e Amr gives an order then Jihad becomes obligatory for entire Muslim Ummah and not that it is optional who goes there and who does not. They don’t have the estimation of actual power. They think that if the Iranian people would vote or not vote. They think that if Iranian people could be taken away then this revolution would end. This is their raw thought if revolution could have been extinguished with these air blows then this revolution would not have become 40 yrs old. The forces that were made every day to end this revolution would have ended forty times but they were not able to do this.

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