Political Markaz - Trump continues business style politics

Trump continues business style politics

Trump continues business style politics

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As mentioned last week also, that America since some time has started to threaten many nations to show its dominance. Trump is threatening his neighbors like Mexico, Canada and other nations. He has a special style which is related to the businesses he has been doing. One big business of his was running dens of woman trafficking, like night clubs. He brings all the corrupt, prostitute women and presents them at global level. He does all forms of corruption with these women. He runs fashion shows and uses these shows for moral corruption. He himself is also very corrupt and there cases on him from these prostitute women with whom he has kept illegitimate relationship. He has kept such corrupt relationships with the wives of his office staff. There is a book written about him and every American has that book. There are all types of corruption inside him. One more thing he does is the fake free style wrestling which he does. He brings big body building persons and makes them fight in an articulated manner. These are two businesses of his and he is using both of these in his politics. He is doing the politics of the night clubs as well he is doing the politics of wresting style. These wrestling are all fake and Mohammad bin Salman from his childhood has been a fan of this wrestling and hence he likes Trump. The kids think that this is real wrestling fight going on and big bull like persons throw each other, kicks, punches but still the opponent stands up again and then starts to beat the first opponent. It is like a film where a hero beats the villain but that is all acting and drama. This accursed Trump has made it a politics whereby by showing heavy bodies in front of camera he threatens others. He is the doing same politics of yelling, showing muscles so that the world gets scared. He is trying to show his muscles to his neighbors, Europe and China. He is milking the Arabs and rest all he is threatening. He is threatening Iran.

Now the first warning he has given is to Turkey. He has included two ministers of Turkey in the sanctions list. He has blacklisted them and no one in the world can deal with them. On the other hand Turkish President Erdogan is a dramatic person but a successful politician. He changes his tactics like chameleon. Like he will give the most strong statements aginst Israel and at the same time has very good relationship with Israel. This is what politics is. This current politics that is going on in the world and the father of this politics is Muawiya bin Abu Sufyan. Michalis also studied Muwaiya and has written a book on political rules. In these rules which is an elaboration of Muwaiya’s politics. Hs says that a successful politician should have two traits at the same time. One is that he should be wild like a wolf and also shrewd like a fox. You cannot gather two traits under one skin because those who are beastly are not shrewd and those who are shrewd are not beastly. In politics when someone comes in this current politics, he can be a wolf as well as fox at the same time. Turkey is in the same state now; at the same time Erdogan acts like a wolf as well as fox. He got down the aircraft of Russia in beastly manner and then next day seeks apology from Russia and begged on the foot of Putin that it was a mistake. He gives stronger statements than Iran against Israel but at the same time he has the maximum trading transactions with Israel. This is the politics of this person and is a successful politics in this world. In Pakistan also the rulers try to do this, but when they become wolf they get deviated and neither have they know how to become fox. They should go to Erdogan, take classes and learn from him, so that at the same time they can have two faces. In America this is the relationship with Turkey whereby they are threatening him.

Turkey is the most important element of the NATO made by America hence they are very strategic. America has imposed restrictions on Turkey ministers but at the same time American bases are present inside Turkey. This is one situation that has come up in the Islamic world.

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