Political Markaz - Trump comes out of Syria allowing Russia to continue

Trump comes out of Syria allowing Russia to continue

Trump comes out of Syria allowing Russia to continue

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One example of their disgrace got manifested in Syria. Trump has formally announced that in next few months America will completely remove its forces out from Syria. At the same time he has claimed that the battle inside Syria is not our battle; it is of Russia and Iran and they should fight. It is a big disgrace for America and its Arab allies. The disgrace they received in Syria if they take lessons from it then they would not interfere in this manner the way did in Syria. The changes which came in other Arab countries and when the oven was hot and everyone wanted to cook their bread. In certain Arab nations like Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia changes came. They saw that the oven is hot and decided to bring a change in Syria as well. As Syria was not harmonized with them; they were allied with Hezbollah and Iran and was a splinter for Israel. They started war with Syria by bringing warriors from Arab countries and other places to Syria. They announced that at that time we will change the regime in Syria in few weeks which they could not do it. Till day their forces are present in Syria and they realized that they could not bring down the Assad regime. The Turkish forces, Iranian forces are present in Syria. Hezbollah, Russian forces are all present in Iran.

Iran, Hezbollah and Russia are present in Syria on invitation by Syrian government. America and its allies have entered Syria as rebels. When the encounter of Syria started, there was Al Qaeda and very soon ISIS took over and America and Arabs supported ISIS. Hilary Clinton has written in her book that we have made ISIS as it was our need at that time. They gathered people from across the world and made ISIS to make a Takfirist regime in both Iraq and Syria. They made the most modern force of the world, supported them financially but they all got disgraced and had to flee. The announcement of Trump indicates that America is not in a position to carry out further terrorism in the region. This means you cannot support terrorism in the region more now. They have put the garland of disgrace in their necks and leaving. The Arabs are also disgraced as they were supporting America. The have put so much money and all possible efforts they have put and the resistive forces of Syria defeated and disgraced them. The main central force who disgraced them was Hezbollah. The political role was of Iran but the on ground central role was of Hezbollah and some others also participated with them. The decision Trump had to take for leaving happened due to interference by Russia. The Russian entered on the invitation of Syrian government. Russian politics is very dirty. Certain countries are known for their dirty politics as compared to America which plays on cruel politics. But Russia, India and China are well known for their dirty politics as they have no interest with any other country, community and they only look at their interests. To take benefits from other communities, countries is their nature. Like if Iran is involved in war then they will take full benefits from Iran. All these three countries have similar politics.

Russia is not loyal to Syria, Hezbollah or Iran. They are traders who only look at their own interest and they have several interests. America has created big crisis in the world and they have sold ammunitions to these chaotic nations. It is their big industry. As weapons are sold during war; so if wars are not there then weapons would be lying in stores and there is no need for new weapons. Russia was involved in this trading for long time with America. Whenever there would be wars in world, one party would buy weapons from America and other was buying from Russia. But Soviet Union got broken and the market went out of the hands of Russia into America. The biggest buyers of arms in the world like Saudi Arabia buy from America. Then after Saudi is India who is buying arms and then China. In all these three countries Russia has come to sell its modern arms and in certain categories they are more advanced then America. Russia has made their position and participating in these wars to do their deals and earn their interests. Russia is not interested whether Assad stays or not in Syria, they are only after their personal gains. Russia has come and interfered in this war to gain personal interests. One more doubt that has come up about Russia is that Russia wants to harmonize with America and get Iran out of Syria and gain further interests from America. Trump has agreed on this that Russians can stay in Syria but Iran should not stay in Syria because if Iran stays in Syria then Israel is in threat. Syria is the front for Israel so if Iran who considers Israel as a cancer that needs eradication, then America cannot accept Iran to be present in Syria as that poses a big threat to Israel. For America to get out of Syria could be a part of this deal which is a concern. But for America and Arab alliance this is a big disgrace and defeat.

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