Political Markaz - Trump & Bin Salman Wants : Pakistan to fight with Iran

Trump & Bin Salman Wants : Pakistan to fight with Iran

Trump & Bin Salman Wants : Pakistan to fight with Iran

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Trump & Bin Salman Wants : Pakistan to fight with Iran 

The favorite guest who came to Pakistan and then went to India; where he was greeted with much bigger protocol then Pakistan. He said openly that we are ready to stand with India to fight against extremism and terrorism. We are with India in war against terrorism. What is the opinion of India about terrorism? They say Pakistan is terrorist and all terrorism is done by Pakistan government, and forces. And the favorite prince of Pakistan is saying this that they are with India.  

This was a journey inside Pakistan which looked like a political journey of a prince, but was a war passionate trip. This person came to Pakistan with a price of 20 bil $. How much Pakistan spent on this visit is not yet announced. 300 bullet proof cars, 25 hotels were booked, entire country was on Curfew and specially the interior ministry issued a statement, that only Shias have objections on this visit. They issued this as a formal statement by naming some groups and personnel that they have objection. He took the names that the Shia community only has objection, rest no one has objection. Shias minded this a lot, that why Shias in Pakistan are aginst Ale Saud. There were dialogues also that took place with some Shia personalities and they demanded that ministry to seek forgiveness. 

he government did not took the statement back and only in press conference, they lightly managed it. In the Shia circle, this became anxiety that in front of Ale Saud we were named that we are aginst Ale Saud. Some Shias felt we were insulted, some went at reaction to the government that we are not against them, we respect our guests, and if he is a killer and even quoted traditions, that we even respect the killers of Imams. According to me this is an honor for Shias, that a murderer comes to the country, and there is no conscience speaks here. He has killed a journalist openly but no journalist in Pakistan speaks even for their peers. These are people without conscience. He does everything in Yemen, and has come here but there is no conscience in the country who speaks.

If the voice has come out from some Shia circles, then consider this as honor. So now if government says that you have objection, then accept that we have objection.  Imagine if there is a tyrant Shia who would visit Pakistan, then we will also object him, as Shias are against oppression and tyranny. Shia is that plant which grew from Karbala. In Karbala, the uprising of Imam Hussain (a.s) was against oppression and Shia is doing Azadari of Imam Hussain (a.s) and this is what he has learnt and this is Shiite and not to seek pardon. As per me this is an insult of Sunni, and they should object that why you have considered us as conscious less, we also have objections. This impression is coming from this statement, that no one has problem, but the reality is that everyone is objecting; the religious people, some politicians, media but this was not mentioned, and the impression was given that Pakistanis are all happy to invite him.

This trip happened and a price was given that we will invest 20 bil, but practically no step was taken for this investment. Only talks were done, and so much noise was made. This investment will not happen. It was just an auction for a big plan. If you agree to the next plan of this prince, then we will invest. What this prince wants? Which he said before and is becoming practical now and they are trying to engulf Pakistan in this. Pakistan is under too much pressure; one side India is making pressure.

The day the attack happened in India, the same day attack happen in Iran, and Iran openly first time blamed Pakistan. The Iran commanders said that we will show reaction. This means there are such elements inside Pakistan or related to Pakistan they want to create a new problem for Pakistan to get some operation done from Pakistan. They want to trap Pakistan badly. A community in difficulty, you give promises to them, and then further push Pakistan into trouble. Some predicted that Saudi wants Pakistan involvement in Yemen war. 

In the last two weeks, Iran has demonstrated a city underground where missiles are being made and no one knows also. They have challenged to Israel, that where the weapons are being made and their spies cannot find also. They have shown a glimpse to the world on what preparations they have. Hezbollah is showing their power that in minutes they can destroy Israel. These steps of Iran are pointing towards this fact, that Iran has taken this issue very seriously.

In Iran also the economy is very bad, they have big trading issues and there is a lot of pressure on people, the Iranian currency is falling, so that the people can come under pressure and go against Iran government, then pressure from outside. In this situation the importance of Pakistan goes up. As it is the border of Pakistan. To invest on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan which touches Iran, then it is clear that this investment is being done for this war. There is no problem if Pakistan can milk this cow as much possible. The past government would milk something out from them, but what this government will get depends on their talents. They have not got anything yet. They can take Saudi Arabia support, but the Saudi Arab has such plans and design for war.

This prince who is disgraced in the world, wants to ends his disgrace, wants to become Hero and he has targeted a big one, which is Iran. They have biggest war experience in this century. They have fought 8 yrs war, they have few types of forces which are independent. This war will not be ordinary. The way in Yemen, who were very poor, and in last few years you could not succumb the; then this preparation against Iran means destroying the entire region.  

The way the slogan of Pakistan is to negotiate and settle, which they can do. They should not support Saudi in this war and not develop hope inside them. If a person like Bin Salman sings bugles in Pakistan, then what is the need for Bin Salman? He has no interest in Pakistan cricket, textile. What he likes is the forces of Pakistan, people like General Rahil who will take Rials and serve him. The capital of Pakistan should remain in Pakistan and come to use for Pakistan. Our borders should become secure and strengthen our internal issues so that brokers like Bin Salman should not come and deal with our weakness.  

After Pakistan MBS went straight to India and has made agreement for 100 bil $ investment in India. He has promised 20 bil $ to Pakistan and he is investing 100 bil $ in India. The sincerity of MBS becomes clear from here. If this 100 bil $ goes to India, then what will happen. He has invested 120 bil $ with America to Trump and this was historic record that no cabinet in two tenure in America could have got this much funding which Trump got in one night. An Islamic country of Saudi Arab gave 120 bil to America and took weapons.

Now they are giving 100 bil to India. If these Arab idiots would not be there American economy would be destroyed, but these Arabs supported them. If an economy of India gets 100 bil $ then how strong they will become. At the same time, there is a conflict between American Congress and Parliament. Trump has got emergency in America because American congress has not given budget to Trump for making the wall as per his crazy policy. He wants to make a wall between America and Mexico which is of several thousand kms which is not accepted by America Cabinet. In retaliation to this he issued emergency.

This is an internal conflict. The Second fight between America Senate and Tramp is related to Saudi Arabia. The American Senate wants MBS to be ousted but Trump wants to protect him. The second step which Trump took was to formally give Saudi Arabia Atomic technology and work has started. The senate was in opposition to not give Atomic power to Saudi Arabia. It is evident that Trump will not give atom bomb of America to Saudi, he will take it from others and give it. He will arrange it from some other country and since it pinches Trump for Pakistan being an atomic power but he wants Saudi to have it. The Senate is against this and there is a fight between Senate and Trump on this. 

You should be attentive now that 100 bil dollar  being moved to Indian treasury from Saudi and we all know what evil plans India has and I don’t know for what is Pakistan happy about and singing on?  All these plans that are being developed in the region, are signs of big dangers. The talent of man comes out in crisis only on how to manage these crisis by the rulers. 

All nations pass through crisis and their rulers take them out of the crisis and achieve their goals, apart from our rulers, who like the insane rulers; Zia ul Haqq and Musharraf who push their community in crisis, and move the crisis of other countries on their land, and this is wrong plan, and all the religious leaders, politicians should keep their national interest in view. Some have said that MBS is a big threat to national interest for Pakistan.  The Pakistani people should believe in this that this person will put Pakistan in big difficulty which will never end. We have not yet come out of past mistakes and do not take more difficulty. There is a simple formula that if they can hand over the economy to the Pakistan forces they might be able to better handle it, rather than being at the back. 

The Crown prince when leaving Pakistan gave a statement which was a common statement.  I would have narrated point by point everything in that statement. He said that we condemn the oppression happening on all Muslims across the world. In which country is this oppression happening? In three places – Palestine, Yemen, Kashmir. In Yemen you are doing yourself, with Israel you are friends, in India you want to invest 100 bil $. What do you think about Pakistan then?  




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