Political Markaz - Trump announces cold war with China and Russia

Trump announces cold war with China and Russia

Trump announces cold war with China and Russia

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The third topic which is very important and is hovering across the globe is that America has announced the third cold war. There is one war that is hot war fought with arms and weapons. And against this is a cold war which means to inflict blows on enemies without using any war artillery. The damage could be political, economic, cultural and enemy should be defeated, destroyed but without using any weapons. They can do propaganda, apply pressure, do lobbying with various states and such kind of cold war has been there before in the world. This cold war was started after the World War II since 1950 and in the 60s went up on its peak and in 80s they were successful in breaking down Soviet Union through this cold war. Soviet Union which was a big country with several countries under it which they were successful to break through cold war. Now again they have started this cold war aginst China and Russia. America, Europe and their allied nations are on one hand and on the other side are Russia, China and their allied nations. They have started this cold war with announcement.

Trump has announced that we will start a trade war against China and Russia. Trade war is part of economy war which is part of cold war and Trump has announced the trade war and said we will win this war. He confessed that we had previously lost this war but now we will win. What this means is that China is also producing goods and selling globally whereas America is also producing goods and selling it globally. But American goods are not purchased in the world whereas Chinese products are purchased everywhere. The second specifics about the Chinese product is that they are cheap as compared to American products which are expensive. The third specific about this is that European, American products are first having a high cost of production and then there is taxation as well. If any goods from America goes to China there is a tax but if anything that is made in China goes to America there is no tax. Hence China has captured the entire global market. Like if the Chinese goods come to Pakistan there is no tax but if someone puts up a factory in Lahore there will be local taxes. Now without doubt the Chinese products will be cheaper because it is tax free and the buyer will mostly look for low cost product. This way the local industries shut down.

The battle that has started now is that Trump has imposed heavy taxes on the goods coming from China. When such taxes are applied the Chinese goods will become expensive, people will not buy and hence China will not have sale. China has made arrangement for this; America imposed taxation on nearly 300 goods, China also imposed taxes on more than 1000 products from America. China has accepted the challenge to get into a trade war. You also apply taxation and we will also apply.

They have kept Russia also under high pressure. On Russia they are imposing sanctions whereas on China they are applying taxes. Trump has announced that we have lost this battle because china has taken over trading globally but we will now win this. When Trump got elected people thought that they have got a crazy person but this was not the case. Trump won the elections due to a complexity by which you can beat the system of voting. Hillary Clinton got more votes but due to the electoral system which gives weightages to the provinces you can manipulate the system. Bush also got elected through the court later and he was got in to do military invasions. Trump has been elected for China. Russia is also a target but China is a bigger target. This is because China is destroying the position of America which was a super power in the past but China has destroyed it.

One act which has taken place in China whereby China has expanded its economic power globally; they have taken over world ports with the plan to join them with CPEC. China has got the countries aligned for their silk route. The CPEC route is made only for Chinese trucks and we Pakistani were thinking that our Trucks will use those routes but we won’t be allowed to even walk on the CPEC route. They have made that route for their trucks and they have made this policy in every country. The other area where china has strengthened itself is the military power. At present the American forces are 1.2 Million whereas China are 25 million. China has much more tanks than America. The military power balance which has disturbed cannot be easily overcome by America. Hence this corrupt trader Trump who was the master mind of dirty businesses was bought it so he can control China in economy, Whatever else Trump is doing is all preparation for this war with China.

He knows that when he imposes tax on China, they will also do the same on America. Then the products of American companies will not get sold in China. China is the biggest market of world and maximum sales of American cars is in China. China has a big import of American products as there is money in China. Every day the number of billionaires is increasing in China. Chinese have purchased big European firms and even football clubs. This way whatever Europeans have made all is being purchased by the billionaires of Russia and China. Hence China and America in the domain of Economy have a big say and dominance. When America has come in field to compete with China then they also know that their factories will fail in this war. When American companies will fail then America has made the alternative as these Arab fools. When he will put restrictions on China, American products will not get sold in China then under this situation their products will be sold to Arabs. The Ale Saud, Bin Salman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait will buy their products. This will become the market of America. Though these Arab countries do not need the products as the products which America makes is not required by the Arab nations but Trump will impose these on him as this is your need. He will trigger the war then for the war he will sell them all the essentials for war like you have to buy Trucks, tire, its parts, parking systems etc. All these things are not required by America but Trump will make such an atmosphere that they will buy. From now itself Trump has made the planning to acquire the entire wealth of Arabs. The way UAE is saying to remove Pakistanis, Indians and other nationalities; this is the American policy to remove people of other nationalities so that entire economy comes under the control of America. The war which America is starting with China one field of that war are the Arab states who will compensate for the losses of America. And these fools in return will get the permission to rule for few more days.

But this is foolishness of this insane Trump. Russia has already made aggressive plans. Russia was the biggest nation in the Soviet Union and at that time also they were aggressive and it showed its effect whereby they captured half of the world. Russia has also done preparation to recover its lost status. Russia and China have two presidents that is Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. Putin has completed his one tenure of six years as President and then he was the Prime Minister, and now again he is the President for another six years. There has been historic vote and historic success Putin got. He got a big majority of votes and this shows the solidarity of Russian people behind Putin. On the other hand in China, Xi Jinping has been declared as a lifetime President for China. This is the decision done by the Chinese congress. Why has this been done? This is because both these rulers are very powerful personalities and possess a strong political and economic mind. Putin is more trained than Xi Jinping because he has been trained and experienced in KGB, the powerful Russian Intelligence agency. He has made a falling down nation again a Superpower. Russia was a superpower but America broke it, got Ukraine separated and with more rebellions about to happen but it was the politics of Putin that got this back.

Russia at one time had become very poor and it was even difficult to find onions there. I remember when we were studying in Qom one delegation went to Moscow and they took onions in their bags. The shops were isolated and nothing was found easily, this was the economy. The Russian women were doing flesh trade and were spread across the world in these licentious acts due to a ruined economy. From that bankruptcy this person got Russia got, made their economy strong, made them stand on their feet, and again made Russia a superpower. Now he is staring in the eyes of America and is opposing them. Now in order to bring Russia down they started to put pressure on Russia. Europeans announced to oust Russian Ambassadors and in reply Putin also removed the European Ambassadors. At present Russia is more powerful because in the past China was silent and remained unconcerned with the political conflicts globally. But now Russia, China along with the allies is one front and against them America and their allies is another front. Europe has become weak and not possesses the same status as before; as there are divisions happening inside for them and UK has separated from them.

Here is a big food for thought for all the global rulers as to which path you have to follow in this war. Our Prime Minister has said we will remain neutral and unconcerned in this battle. But this is not true as you are already with China. China has already got Pakistan along with them. In this situation those countries who are with alliance of Russia and China will protect their economy, politics but those nations who are with America for them destruction is certain like the Arab states and Europe. This encounter of cold war will create more destruction then a hot armed war. Many countries will divide and in upcoming few years there will be high degree of aggression seen in this cold war.

In order to continue the cold war a hot war is also unnecessary. Like in Afghanistan they want an armed battle. America has got ISIS down there and Russia has got Taliban against them and started to support them. Afghanistan will become the field and pressure will start from here on the nations in alliance with the cold war opponents. Like America will put pressure on Iran through ISIS as Iran is standing with Russia in this cold war. In order to put pressure on Iran there is ISIS and from the other end Russia has prepared Taliban; any country that supports America Taliban will stand against them. A very dangerous scenario of war has been created. Though this battle is cold but the destruction would be very large. In order to maintain the temperature of a cold war a heater of hot war is also required and in these ovens many countries will get baked. Pakistan has been kept in middle whereby it is possible that they might get all the groups that is Taliban and ISIS inside Pakistan. They will keep Pakistan under pressure. But for Iran there is high preparation and Bin Salman is being prepared for Iran. All these ISIS and other terrorist groups that are in Syria are being planned to move to Iran. Pakistan has been continuously kept under pressure to express their stand. When the Foreign minister went to USA they have clearly asked him to mention about their stand as to with whom Pakistan is. They have asked for time to discuss internally and then revert back on what role we will play in this. The Foreign Minister has said we will remain unconcerned but practically Pakistan cannot remain unconcerned as it has already turned into a battlefield. China also knows that without Pakistan he cannot deliver its role and Pakistan will also be on the mercy of China.

Russia is very aggressive who wants to defeat America and turn into global superpower. In between this Russia has got a big success whereby they have broken Turkey from NATO and got Turkey out of American bloc into Russian bloc. The style of Erdogan is like that of Tarzan who screams a lot but does little work. He will threaten Israel but does not break any relationship with Israel. Like he screamed against Russia when he blew off the Russian aircraft but then later he went and begged into the feet of Russia. Russia has taken full advantage of the weakness of Erdogan. If he would not have been weak, he would not have come under the control of Russia and then the scenario in the region would have been different.

This is a new international scenario which is being created to make the world face new challenges. Here the role of nations, leaders and rulers is very significant. This is the time to either save or destroy a nation. Those rulers who turn out to be ineligible trying to flatter the powers they will destroy their nation. But those who demonstrate smartness will save their nation and also nurture the future of their nation.

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