Political Markaz - Trump - Abandoning of Nuclear Agreement with Iran

Trump - Abandoning of Nuclear Agreement with Iran

Trump - Abandoning of Nuclear Agreement with Iran

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In international affairs the most important news which is related to today and has drawn the attention of everyone globally is the abandonment of nuclear agreement of Iran done by international powers. The foolish, accursed, corrupt Trump had declared this Friday (today) to announce the suspension of this agreement and America will formally break out from this. There was a meeting between European members yesterday and they have requested Trump to respect and continue this agreement.

The nuclear agreement was done with Iran which was due to the nuclear energy development by Iran which as per Iran claims was for peaceful purpose. There were global sanctions of various forms imposed on Iran as pressure tactics whereby Iran was forced to restrict their nuclear enrichment activities. They pursued Iran for this with these sanctions. The sanctions created internal difficulties for Iran and an example of this was seen recently where some people protested for economic issues which were due to these sanctions. This was what they wanted and there are certain elements present inside Iran as well both inside government and outside who apply this tactic of creating pressure of sanctions on Iran. They apply this tactic and have seen that Iran submits against sanctions. The Iranians have not submitted against any other challenge or difficulty but against economic sanctions they submit. Some Iranian politicians have also said that Iran should change its policies in lieu of the demands which America is making. They applied sanctions on Iran to make it change their policy and these sanctions were effective.

The foremost effect was on suspension of nuclear development on Iran. They shutdown many of their reactors, they sealed some reactors by filling cement inside the plants; they closed down some centrifuges and sold some ready nuclear enrichment products to the outside world as per the agreement. They made Iran do all this with these pressures and now America is accusing Iran that since Iran is spreading terrorism in the region, it is not ending its missile technology and does not listen to America. Whatever plans America make Iran diffuses them like America made ISIS in the region and Iran uprooted them. In this annoyance, frustration the same nuclear agreement which America forced Iran to sign and now America is walking out of this. As it is night over there, when Friday starts over there Trump will be making a formal announcement. The European Union have applied pressure and requested him to reconsider his decision.

Trump wants to make the entire world disturbed, distressed, non-peaceful. They have already done this but want to take this global insecurity to its peak. The dangers which America is facing today; they only see this way out that is to create crisis in the world and then reap benefits out of these crisis. This is an old formula of theirs and successful also to keep the world in chaos, crisis and then keep on taking benefits of it. They did this with Middle East; now they are trying to create crisis for China and also trying create more severity for the already ongoing crisis. There is a Persian proverb and all this is happening just like this proverb. That proverb is to make the water unclean and then catch fish. If you are catching fish in clean water then fish can see you and runs away. This is the political policy of America that you cannot reap benefits out of a peaceful world. If they want to take some benefits out from Pakistan they cannot do it from a peaceful Pakistan or similarly from Iran and the whole world.

The benefits and interests of America first is their global dominance and no one in the world should be independent, everyone should be under them; whatever they order the entire world should listen and act on them. The entire world’s wealth, capital, oil, gas, energy should be their property. They want to make the internal policies for everyone in the world and all internal issues should be in the hands of America. This is not acceptable by every community and when they don’t fulfill this intention of America; they keep them under pressure, crisis and try to reap benefits this way. They did the same with Arabs and transformed them into a fat milking cow. They are selling weapons to them which the American companies are making. If there are no wars, then the weapons will not be sold. Hence they create crisis and these accursed, insane, foolish Arabs fall under their deceit very quickly as per American policies they make the region also insecure and give them all the benefits America wants from them. But Iran becomes an obstacle for America. When America tries to make room for itself, gets inside some country bringing them under pressure Iran starts to support that country and the people there; and the people rebel against America. Hence America is severely annoyed and angry on Iran and Pakistan but for different reasons. They are angry on Iran because Iran foils the American plans in the region. For Pakistan America is angry because Pakistan is not listening to America and what America wants them to do they are not doing it the same way. The groups on which America wants them to put restrictions they don’t do; the regions in which America wants them to carry out operations they don’t do. Hence America is severely annoyed with them. They have given 48 hours deadline to Pakistan but for Iran they are ready to sign the decision about abandonment of agreement.

With the end of this agreement it is not just a paper will become void instead all these things which America agreed related to Iran as per this agreement will become void. Like America committed to not start a war with Iran, they will not take any steps against Iran but all these will end now and America will be free to do any mischief against Iran. They have full freedom against Iran and America can do anything to inflict blows on Iran. They can impose more sanctions on Iran and create more difficulties for Iran. This weakness of Economic sanctions also has been shown by Iranians only to America from which they are taking undue advantages. The revolutionary group in Iran are self-contented and they are not worried about anything, they are loyal to the system. But everyone in Iran is not revolutionary; there is a big group which had nothing to do in bringing this revolution and not concerned at all with what will happen to this revolution. They are the type of grazing creatures who are only interested in acquiring worldly means, they are after lavish living and for them values do not carry any importance. For them dignity, freedom has no meaning; they want oil at cheaper prices and other things. It is natural that when there are economic sanctions it results into inflation and essential commodities become expensive and they don’t get or get less; they take advantage of these and get into protests. The actual target of America is not the nuclear of Iran but it is the Islamic Revolution and System of Wilayat e Faqeeh. They want to enhance the pressure and thus chaos inside Iran due to which more people will rise against the government and then America, European Union would help the people and their long term desire of ending this Islamic government and replacing it with a liberal government should get fulfilled. Since forty years more than forty such big mischiefs have been done by America and in all of these America has been defeated in a disgraceful manner. The last big mischief of theirs was making ISIS in Syria and the disgraceful manner in which they got defeated cannot be seen anywhere in history whereby a big superpower has been disgraced before in this manner. And God willing they will be further disgraced.

Trump is the icon of disgrace for America today. It is there in tradition as well when tyranny, oppression will reach its peak a character will be seen before the reappearance of our Last Imam (a.t.f.s). That character is that of Dajjal. Dajjal is a character in Islamic teachings that will come into appearance before the establishment of a global just governance. Dajjal is a negative character present in the Islamic teachings and there are traditions from Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s), Infallible Imams (a.s). It is a commonly agreed character who will appear before the Last Imam (a.t.f.s) and he will be uprooted by believers and then a global government of divine justice that is of Mahdaviat will be established. This is a common belief of all Muslims whereby Dajjal is the peak of tyranny. The Fitnah of Dajjal which is common belief amongst Muslims and lot of research has been done on this; with many books also written on this from all sects. This character has two types of interpretations.

One of them is that Dajjal is a known individual who is like man but somewhat abnormal with one eye. He will come in this world, create big corruption and make the entire world insecure, instable. Then to end this Fitnah a group of believers will rise against him, uproot this Fitnah of Dajjal and then Imam (a.t.f.s) will reappear and then after this there will be system of peace, safety across the globe. This is one interpretation that Dajjal is a known individual.The other interpretation is that Dajjal is not an individual but a character that can come in various forms and faces to create a Fitnah. If Dajjal is a character then we can say that Trump is the Dajjal of this era because his plan is to indulge the entire world in chaos and crisis. In this case even though he will take tyranny, oppression to the peak but he will get destroyed by the hands of believers and the ground will get prepared for the System of Imamat whereby all political systems of the world will end. That is democracy, Kingship, dictatorship will all end and across East and West the only system that will prevail would be the System of Imamat; whose name is Mahdaviat. If we see from this perspective the policies which Trump is making the Americans are more frustrated than anyone else with him. Even Iran and Pakistan are not disturbed to the extent the Americans are annoyed with Trump because of the policies he has made. He wants to get into conflicts with Atomic powers like he wants to fight China, Russia, and North Korea. All the three are big atomic powers and even one of them has that much atomic weapons base that they can destroy the entire world and Trump wants to fight with them. The Americans have become highly annoyed and are finding out ways on how to tighten Trump. But the global Satanic System demands that Trump only has to stay. There is a book (Fire and Fury) published about Trump in which his foolish and insane acts are written. He tried to restrict the printing of this book but somehow it got published. All his foolishness are mentioned in this book amongst this one thing mentioned is that when he won the elections he did not believed that he would win, because the lady against him got more votes, but the Satanic global powers wanted Trump to become President hence they made him. They wanted through him to create all chaos, destruction in the four years and then after this he will get disgraced by the believers. It was impossible for him to believe that he will win the elections but since it was decided that he has to come and carry out all these foolishness.

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