Political Markaz - Truck run over Muslim family in Canada part of global Muslim killing agenda

Truck run over Muslim family in Canada part of global Muslim killing agenda

Truck run over Muslim family in Canada part of global Muslim killing agenda

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In Canada a Muslims family of husband and wife, was run over by a truck and martyred. Those countries who preach the lessons of peace, human rights and condemn Pakistan for terrorism, but the same Canada has never condemned Israel or India for their oppression. The same Canada would make noise when some incident takes place in Pakistan or Iran. But in their same country such incidents happen. The deceased was an old lady with family and they crushed them in day broad daylight, after which they started crocodile tears. The situation and atmosphere have been created for such incidents. Our PM always mention about Islamophobia in Western countries. This is an act by which people in West are made afraid of Islam which our PM emphasizes on. Our PM should know that this phobia already started when you made terrorist groups and when they butchered people, did suicide bombings this was the beginning of Islamophobia. These groups were made by the Arab wealth and West presented these terrorists as face of Islam to create Islamophobia amongst people. This is not the phase of Islamophobia but this is the face of aggression on Islam. To make people scared from Islam, hate Islam was the first phase. And after making people afraid of Islam what should they do? After this they have to crush Muslims and end the upcoming generations of Islam. The same what is happening in Palestine, Kashmir and for which France is making all preparations.

In one discussion before I have mentioned that French have made a very deadly army on an African island where they have gathered dreadful criminals on this Island on refuge, they train them to transform them as beasts. The recent letter which the French army has written to their President in which they have mentioned that before Muslims shed our blood on the streets of France, we should start a battle and crush them. This is not French formal army but this secondary army of criminals which France has made. They are more dangerous than Blackwater. This army has no data anywhere and people from across the world are in this army. Those criminals who become fugitive in their own country after committing leading crimes and are physically fit they are given refuge in such places. They have freedom and all sort of lavishness are given to them. This army is doing the preparation for Muslim assassination in France. Our country media, politicians and scholars should be aware that Islamophobia phase has been over, just like in India the first tenure of Modi was Islamophobia whereas the second tenure of Modi is for genocide of Muslim generations. The incident of New Zealand, Australia and daily extremist incidents in England are increasing day by day by knife stabbing, attacking mosques. Now for the confrontation you have to do on media or on ground you need to first understand what is happening around you. We have to confront the aggression and genocide that is planned on Islam. The think tank of Bush gave the theory of clash of civilization in which the first phase was Islamophobia in which Pakistan, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan were used. The Sipah e Sahaba, Jhangvi, Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS were also part of this phase. Now is the phase of mass assassination of Muslims. So if Pakistan want to do something then they should do against this genocide and I personally believe that Pakistan can play a major and most effective role in this issue as compared to Saudi and Iran. Pakistan can play a better role but first we have to make a character because we are seen as something else.

This is not just one incident if you see the incidents on daily basis these things are happening. A week before a famous news came about a Canada boarding school from where 215 dead bodies of children were found buried in the verandah of school and their bones were found. These were local Red Indian Canadians who were the first inhabitant in Canada. These Red Indians were the actual inhabitants after them white, black and others migrated there. They are not Indians but their name became Red Indian because when Columbus was travelling towards India, he lost route and went into Atlantic Ocean and reached this part of the world, where he found local tribes and thought they were Indians for a long time. When they returned back, they realized that this is not India, hence they started to term them as Red Indian. They were red skinned persons. The whites in America and Canada are all migrants from Europe mostly. Europe was the poorest region at that time and these migrants who moved to other lands were beasts much worse than ISIS. These beasts came to India and also in America where they did cruel aggression on the locals. These local inhabitants even today live-in remote areas outside main towns. This school was made for these local inhabitants and the Whites were running this. From this school decomposed bodies of these children were found. This incident is not very old and around 1960; they did this aggression. They killed 5000 school children of Red Indians. What crimes these children have done? This is the washed Canada of today whom we love so much see what cruelty and tyranny they have done.

They have run truck over Muslim family and they are using all possible means for killing Muslims. You can consider this as a training to other nations that to kill Muslims you can use this method of running vehicles over them, burn their homes, kill their children in their schools. We first pray for the Muslims over there for their safety. These Muslims are not going to return back to their homeland so they should make arrangements for their own security and safety. In general when you see this victim Muslims they will come on media and say that this government is very good, kind, the people and culture here is all fine and it was just some crazy individual who did this. This issue can go forward because the feeling of extremism which have been spread, specifically in India if you see.

In India the Hindus are doing extremism whereas amongst all religions in world Hindus are the most peaceful religion. In Christian teachings you place your second cheek if you are slapped on one. In Buddhism you cannot even kill one insect but the same people of peaceful religion are killing, burning Muslims of Rohingya. You can see these peaceful Hindus what are they doing? The same Christians you can see what destruction they have caused in NATO who are all Christians. The Pope never says anything against Israel for the aggression they are doing. This is the world in which we are living where this is the era of aggression on Muslims and genocide of Muslims. The Muslim nations and rulers should become attentive towards this now.

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