Political Markaz - Truce in Hudaydah, Yemen

Truce in Hudaydah, Yemen

Truce in Hudaydah, Yemen

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One progress that has taken place in Yemen is that at Hudaydah Port on which there has been severe battle since months. The alliance has dropped bombs in a brutal manner and tried to acquire that port but were not successful. At the end the negotiations took place in Sweden and a cease fire has taken place in the battle at Hudaydah port. This port will go under the control of UN and foreign forces will be pushed out from there; that is Saudi, Emirates, America, Egyptian army will be pushed out from there. This is an attempt towards establishing peace.

From the time the scandal of Mohammad Bin Salman came up for Jamal Khashoggi murder; the American senate has passed a formal bill that that Mohammad Bin Salman is responsible for his murder. They have released the audio and video for that killing as to with what brutality they have killed them. The proofs are all open and CIA has said before only that he is responsible. Trump is still is not accepting it. He does not wants the billions of trading with Saudi to stop. From the time this heinous crime of Mohammad Bin Salman has come out, and Saudi is being cursed. The first step they have taken is to stop Saudi in Yemen and stop further destruction. The most brutal tyranny is being taken place in Yemen and the global media is not presenting that. If they show even 1% then people won’t be able to bear it. The western media and everyone has closed their eyes. Now when Mohammad Bin Salman got the journalist killed with such brutality now they realized that Yemen war should stop. Four years before they tried to make their own government but the weakest Houthi tribe stood against them, did not allow them to form government. Then they started war, they expected to take over Yemen in few weeks but it became opposite, the people’s militia, bare foot, skinny bodies, they defended their country and despite of such modern artillery against them, they did not allow them to enter their country and did not allow any city to come under them. They are now realizing that they have failed. They think that Iran is behind them. There is no doubt Iran is their support but only foreign support can do all this unless there is internal passion. Now they want to take the same advantage with peace. They are putting pressure on Iran now to get them out of this. Our Supreme Leader has said that the way the Yemeni’s did not submit in war, they will not submit in truce also. The Houthis Militia has demonstrated a big achievement. In Yemen war, things will go forward, the foreign forces will come out.

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