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Treatment of teachers in Pakistan

Treatment of teachers in Pakistan

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One more thing which happened in Pakistan though it happens less in Pakistan. One of the teachers of our PM who passed away recently. He was not a Muslim, his name was some Jeffrey and he was given high respect when he passed away. When he was sick then also his name was coming in the media very often. Now when he passed away, he was buried with respect and it was first time a teacher was given guard of honor. A teacher of HSN college of Lahore gets so much respect, he was not even Muslim as seen from the name was something unique. But at least a teacher was given all this respect because he was the teacher of PM.

The teachers who are not the teacher of PM the treatment which has been given to them is very grievous. Sargodha University principle passed away in Jail. He was handcuffed and taken into prison, and he got heart attack, was taken to hospital in that state and he died but the handcuffs were not removed. The doctor was close to him near the bed, and the handcuffs were not removed till the time the body was handed over to his family. The pictures of this was seen. One teacher passes away in prison without treatment and body is given handcuffed but on the other hand other teacher is given this much respect. The same respect should be given to all teachers. The Vice Chancellor of Punjab University and other one also are in prison. The treatment which is given to teachers in Pakistan is grievous. But this teacher of PM who has been given this much respect is good and it should be given to all teachers.

A unique treatment is given to religious institutes of teachers. All other institutes other than religious ones are under the Ministry of education and education board of Pakistan but the religious institutes all fall under CTD that is the Counter Terrorism Department. They are being looked up and lead by the CTD. This is also the value of teaching in Pakistan and specifically the sacred teachings of religion whereby the teachers of religion are everyday standing as criminals in front of CTD.

Mr. Jeffrey is very fortunate that he passed away in this PM’s tenure and he was given this much honor and buried. May Allah develop this sense in this nation that they give honor, dignity for all teachers and specifically in religious institution the sacrilege has been happening. There are no journalists who complain about it and even the religious institute’s heads do not take notice of this because they get protocols by the government in the organization which is being made.

I am referring to the lower teachers, who are not being given honor, they are under siege, under Schedule 4, and they have to give reports every month as if they are doing crimes by teaching in religious institutes. Those teachers who are in universities they get hefty salaries, pensions despite of disrespect. But the religious teachers live a very tough life and in deprived state. They are doing all the services for the nation but when it comes to government they send Anti-Terrorism to them. When the Anti-Terrorism comes to them, they talk to them in that tone as if they are all terrorists. This is against the respect for teachers. In Pakistan the respect for education, teachers might take centuries we don’t know. This is because no one is attentive towards it and even the teachers should become attentive and demand for their fundamental rights. May this community develop this sense and these teachers should come out of this state.

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