Political Markaz - Treachery of Iraqi’s against their savior Iran

Treachery of Iraqi’s against their savior Iran

Treachery of Iraqi’s against their savior Iran

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In Iraq till date the government is not yet established and there are no possibilities also seen in the near future instead the things are getting complicated day by day. The current Iraqi Prime Minister Haider El Abadi who has lost the election but still is holding Prime Minister position. The new elections have taken place and results have also come out and no single group is in a position to form a government; they are not able to form an alliance and foreign intervention is also there. The situation which is already complex in Iraq but within this one development that has happened that Haidar Abadi has said that regarding the sanctions which America has imposed on Iran we will support America in this and not Iran as we are helpless in this matter.


You should be attentive here that Iran is the one who has given protection to Iraq from ISIS; their cities, shrines, seminaries were all protected by Iran by sending their forces, mobilizing the people of Iraq and used all their war experience. They have removed the most deadly force of ISIS out of Iran. The rights were that Iraqi’s should have been grateful to Iran forever. But this is the old trait of Iraq. Haider Abadi is a Shia leader and is part of one segment of Hizb ud Daawah. That country, nation which has given you salvation when the entire world was assured that no one could save Iraq and Syria. The most dreadful army of ISIS was made with 90 countries and within short time they captured Syria and Iraq but then how they were removed? Everyone knows it was Iran.


It is not that this statement of Abadi is a view of one personality. A place where there are personalities, groups, religious organizations, seminaries; then in such places when a step is taken the desire of everyone is taken into consideration. Such statements by the Prime Minister are issued after getting agreement of everyone. As I have said before that the reason for which the government is not formed yet in Iraq is this only; because there are Iran supported groups present in Iraq like Hashad us Shabi which are required to be kept out of Iraq. When the revolution came in Iran in 1979, the Taghooti force of Shah was suspended immediately and there was no new army. Due to the revolutionary movement many organizations were paralyzed and Iran was down to earth and right at that time Saddam wanted to capitalize on the weakness of Iran and he attacked Iran and captured a big region. This was the shrewdness done by Iraq. There was a battle for 8 yrs, then it ended and later there was settlement between them.


Now when there was a siege on Iraq by ISIS, it was Iran who went there to get them liberated from ISIS. During the war Saddam was not Shia. But now it is the Shia Prime Minister who is saying this. Trump has threatened the entire world that if any country does trading with Iran then America will break all the relationship with them. There are religious leaders, personalities hence is there no one to at least gratify the favors which Iran did on them? The Iraqi’s should gratify and should give a proof of their conscience being awake and alive. In Iraq, the groups like Moqtada Sadr and others are trying to come near to Saudi Arabia. They are also Shia and this could become the basis of such high defamation for a community. You are getting close to those who made ISIS, they consider you as Apostate and are ready to annihilate you. The biggest enmity Wahhabiat and Ale Saud have is with Karbala. They and their Mufti’s say that if we end Karbala then Shirk will end. In history they have ruined Karbala twice and this was the third time they made ISIS and came to destroy Karbala. It is shameful that they have sympathy towards Saudi Arabia but not willing to accept Iran.

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