Political Markaz - Three days of filthiest abuses in Pakistan Parliament

Three days of filthiest abuses in Pakistan Parliament

Three days of filthiest abuses in Pakistan Parliament

Jun 18,2021 Comments Download

One ongoing encounter is in Pakistan Parliament since last three days whereby the opposition parties have been abusing with filthy language and even beating each other. This happened continuously for three days and were all recorded. Some have said that this is the beauty of democracy which was behind curtain and now it is getting demonstrated. The people should be appreciated for appointing these Ameen (trustworthy) and Sadiq(sincere) representative to run the nation and solve the problems of community. They have used such filthy words in the parliament which even the lowliest person would not do. When questioned to one person why you are using such language, he replied that this is Punjabi culture why you should be astonished. In the national assembly it is not only Punjab , there are ministers from Sindh, Gilgit and all over the country but everyone has adopted this culture and have demonstrated this to the world. This happened for three days continuously and the speaker placed restrictions on six members on one day and then pardoned them next day.

How did all this started? The opposition leader was giving a speech about budget and the representative of ruling party government in Parliament started this abusing and crossed all limits. This was the beauty of democracy and this parliament has turned into a courtyard of harlots. Allama Iqbal has mentioned that two hundred donkeys sitting in democratic parliament cannot do the work of one intellectual man. Even if donkeys were sitting in Parliament they would not have demonstrated such licentious behaviour. And there was no action taken by court as well on this.

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