Political Markaz - Threats to Arbaeen gathering

Threats to Arbaeen gathering

Threats to Arbaeen gathering

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The most important event in these days is Arbaeen which is after few days. This has turned into a global event since last few years. This is because millions of Shias and other Muslims visit from across the world to the shrine of Imam Hussain (a.s) in Karbala. There are many dimensions to this; social, beliefs, political and if you look at a collective manner this gathering is as per divine wisdom and inshallah will be consequential and give results. This kind of gathering of believers from across the world and there is a divine wisdom and will be part of accomplishment of divine purpose. If the direction remains correct then this ritual is also a part of development of Ummah. This Arbaeen gathering needs security. One security is the physical threat from enemies and their infiltrated terrorist groups. The dangers more than terrorism are certain other dimensions which the authorities there should be attentive towards and they are attentive towards it.


One danger is that many groups, sects are trying to infiltrate this gathering. This event is very sensitive for the world. If this kind of event would have taken place before the Islamic revolution it would not be sensitive. This Islamic revolution presented a political Islam after centuries. The political Islam which was buried for centuries got revived. The sanctimonious hermitage (Khangaah) Islam was in practice and political Islam was out of the scene. In the sanctimonious Islam the Taghoots get a good opportunity but in political Islam the Taghoots have no room to do politics. The Islamic Revolution did this work that the abandoned part of religion got revived. With the political Islam being present and then this event of millions gathering has scared the world. If the Islamic Revolution was not there and this would have been a conventional gathering then no one would have cared.

There are other bigger gatherings also. In Hajj there are millions present and throughout the year there are millions in Kaaba but no one is concerned about that, because they have made Hajj completely ineffective and the soul of Hajj is not there. The reason is that Hajj is not being done under political banner hence no one finds any problems or issues with Hajj. They get happy that this is sanctimonious Hajj though the reality of Hajj is Abrahamic Hajj. There is one more big gathering in India which is the Kumbh Carnival. The Hindus gather around their sacred river of Ganges and carry out their annual gathering. There are more than 50 million people that gather but neither India, China, America, Arabs, Israel are concerned about it. They go there naked for delivering some rituals and they take ritual baths in Ganges, seek forgiveness and return back. If you see by numbers, then this is the biggest gathering but from effectiveness if we see, then Arbaeen is the most focused event. This event is happening when there is a political Islam of Shiite governing in a part of region. In which the rulership is of Allah, Prophets, Quran and Imams. And in this Arbaeen event the major participation is from Iranian Shiite, which means the followers of Political Islam. Hence they are highly concerned about this. That if the direction of this gathering turns in that direction of the path of Imam Khomeini (r.a) then it would be a big trouble for them. Hence the entire world, the agencies are trying to change the course of this gathering and specifically they want to prevent this gathering to not go towards political Islam and should remain under sanctimonious non-political secular type culture. The leadership of this gathering should be under the non-political scholars and not those who are against Taghoots. It should be under those Ulama who are associated with Taghoots in some way or other. Hence one attempt that is being made is to infiltrate this gathering through various personalities and groups and change its course towards their direction and this is a serious danger.

The other attentive danger which is there is to use it as a tool. To take trade benefits, like the Hajj. The traders of Transporters, hotels, Caravan leaders and various people try to achieve commercial gains from this gathering. If we account for the profits that are gained in trading are in billions of dollars which goes to the commercial companies. Such kind of gathering which takes a global form, achieves this vastness and weightage to have a global impact, are under threats of infiltrations, trading benefits are gained, there are dangers of group conflicts. In order to guide to such gathering you need the system of Imamat.  The global gatherings cannot be controlled by anyone other than Imamat. If this gathering is left to Iraqi government, then the same thing will happen like Hajj. Ale Saud will neve allow the Hajj to become Islamic they will use it for their personal gains. If this Arbaeen gathering is left to Iraqi government, then same will happen. All such events, gathering remain secured and becomes a gathering for development of Ummah only when it is under Wilayat and Imamat, else other groups will try to use this for their own purpose. May Allah protect all the pilgrims of Sayyedus Shohada and they should return with the true essence of pilgrimage

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