Political Markaz - The unfulfilled desire of Lady Fatema (s.a)

The unfulfilled desire of Lady Fatema (s.a)

The unfulfilled desire of Lady Fatema (s.a)

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One important topic is that these two months of Jamadi are the month of Fatema (s.a). The 13th of Jamadi ul Awwal is also the date of Martyrdom of Lady Fatema (s.a) and also 3rd Jamadi us Sani. We had intended to commemorate 20 days for Lady Fatema (s.a) and then 20th Jamadi us Sani is the birth anniversary of Lady Fatema (s.a). In these months where belief is there the Maarifat of Lady Fatema (s.a) and also exposition as Role Model and the values of Lady Fatema (s.a) should also be there. The Ayyame Fatema are not the days of just expressing our emotions but in fact it is the opportunity to complete the desire, wish of Lady Zahra (s.a) which was not fulfilled. She left this world with a broken heart which did not fulfill her desire. That desire needs to be fulfilled and as it is mentioned in traditions the pleasure of Lady Fatema (s.a) is where the pleasure of Allah is there. This is our self-carved understanding that Lady Fatema (s.a) only had the desire that someone should mourn for her son. Since mourning, lamenting is easy we can easily fulfill it but it is not easy to fulfill the actual desire of Lady Fatema (s.a) and that is the divine system, the system of Wilayat, the desire for system of Imamat.

This is the desire and wish of Lady Fatema (s.a). Those whom she got displeased and expressed it; she did not desire them to lament on her, did not allow them to attend her funeral and did not allow them to even visit her grave. She even asked to keep her grave as secret. If she had this desire that people should mourn after her she would have made her grave clearly evident so that every mourner can come and cry on me. She said that I don’t like these uninterested, careless, senseless persons should visit my grave and hence her last will she said do not make my grave. The grave which is associated now with her is not her grave. As per some traditions only the Imams (a.s) know where the grave of Lady Fatema (s.a) is.  Her only wish, desire was the established System of Wilayat and Imamat. She was detested on this, she was displeased, upset on this; she protested for this and for this she gave her life as well. She made her protest, resistance eternal which she established till Qayamat. We cannot find such a unique protest anywhere. The followers of Lady Fatema (s.a) has this duty to do this Zikr in the Ayyame Fatema. We have chosen are very easy duty of just mourning as it does not cost. You can cry anywhere whether in America, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world it won’t make any difference neither will it cost anything. We have selected the easiest responsibility whereas whatever Lady Fatema (s.a) desired Imam Hussain went for the fulfillment of same to Karbala. The Path of desire for Lady Fatema (s.a) is Karbala. The path which the mother made the son went for its completion and the entire Ummah was prepared for mourning. The people of Medina, mecca, Basra, Kufa all cried and Lady Zainab criticized their crying. She condemned them severely when they were crying, and this lady was not at all impressed with their crying. We have made ourselves convinced that the pleasure of Lady Fatema (s.a) only lies in mourning. There is no denial about mourning as there are two types of mourning; one is out of grief and second is mourning in protest. If our mourning is same as that of Ahlulbayt (a.s) it is fine but if the mourning is just to please Lady Fatema (s.a) considering it as a desire, not protesting the same way she did then this attempt would not be so effective since centuries have passed and abandonment of Wilayat is still the same way. These days of Fatamiya are demanding from us those desires which are not fulfilled yet and reviving those is her rights and those values which the Lady expressed.

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